Everyday we learn something new so for those of you who haven’t a clue what my title for this post means, it’s ‘slawn’. Irish for goodbye.

Don’t sweat, I’m not packing up my laptop and moving on but I am taking a break for a few days. I’ve not been around a lot over the past few weeks as that thing called ‘Life’ has been battering me somewhat. However, before you feel sorry for me, don’t, as tomorrow myself and himself are heading away for a few days to Poland and… today was my birthday, more to follow tomorrow when I post my latest article from the Examiner, (bet you can’t wait).

We’ve already had a few minor incidents re our trip, such as himself not realising it was three nights and not ordering the different currency on time, but hopefully all will work out wonderfully and we will not come back screeching for divorce.

Hopefully when I get back a nicer, calmer life, filled with time to write and blog lies ahead.

See you all in a few days…unless he kills me or vice verse!

I hope you all had a lovely St Patrick’s Day or at a push Paddy’s Day, but never ever ‘Patty’s Day’.



32 thoughts on “Slán

  1. I just mentioned to my husband how amazing it is that everything is so close by in Europe and you can pack up and visit another country for 3 days. That seems mindboggling. I’m sure your time together will be lovely, Tric. Take deep breaths and enjoy the adventure together. ❤

  2. Happy belated birthday Tric! You’ll love Poland and there are loads of places to exchange your money in the towns… sure you’ll be grand!

    1. Thanks Candi. The few days were fantastic and I’m ready for everything once more. What a difference a few days makes. I can’t imagine how you manage all day, every day.

  3. i’m sorry for your recent battering about by the universe. hope this trip is a good one, in spite of the technical difficulties, see you when you return and look forward to your stories –

  4. Happy belated birthday, and I found out years ago from an Irish friend that it’s definitely not St. Patty’s – either St. Patrick’s or St. Paddy’s. 🙂 Have a wonderful trip!

    1. Hi, I’m back! We’d a great time away. Lovely to see a different country and experience a different culture. Ready for anything now. 🙂

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