What age would you wish to be?

If I could wave a magic wand, what age would I wish to return to?

For a moment I imagined it would be my early childhood, up to the age of ten, when I really think I lived a wonderful life. But then I thought I’d have to live life from then to now and so very quickly I changed my mind.

I remember when I was in my twenties and thirties, a busy mother who chose to stay at home, I really struggled each new year. I knew I wanted to stay at home with my children and those I minded, but that didn’t stop me feeling that life was passing me by. Unfulfilled, dissatisfied, restless I envied those who could leave home for hours. I remember one morning yer man moaning that his drive to work was almost an hour. I looked at him, with a crying, teething one year old in my arms, who had already been up since five and two others running around and I told him I’d give my right arm to be in a car alone for two hours in one day. He gave me a kiss and left. I knew he didn’t get it and as he left I cried, wondering how I’d get through the next twelvephoto credit: Hebe Aguilera <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/65584626@N08/9466329614">| pain |</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/">(license)</a> hours.

But I did survive that day and the many days after. In fact I went on to have a fourth child and stayed at home a total of twenty years. I know many will say those were the best days of their life, but I would dispute that. There were fantastic days, filled with the joy, madness and fun that young children bring to a home, but despite having a great circle of friends, including one who shared almost every minute with me, there were also many long, lonely boring days.

So now I am out the gap and another New year has come and gone. As I look at my current life, sometimes I feel old. “Oh,” I hear you shout, “You are not old,” but don’t panic, I don’t mean ancient, just not ‘young’ and to be honest I am so grateful for that. I see others with young children and it brings me back to my twenties and thirties, but moments later, as I go about my new life, without smallies and with great freedom, I have no desire to be that mother again. I watch my children dress up to go out at night and I’m grateful to have a partner and not be in the market for one and a comfortable home to stay home in. I have ticked the boxes that were not ticked during the many years I was at home and the restless, dissatisfied me is no more.

Last night I watched a programme on television during which two women had cosmetic procedures done. One had botox, the other a lip filler. My head nearly fell off I shook it so much. Both already looked perfect and one was only twenty eight when she first had it done. I know it’s her own choice and many are doing it, but at one point she spoke about her ‘thin lips’ and said that as we get older they get even thinner.

I looked at himself and said, ‘I don’t remember the last time I looked at my lips, they must have disappeared!’

The woman went on to say, that for a while she stopped smiling because that made her lips even thinner. I can tell you listening to that made me feel old. I didn’t get it. Are thin lips a real no no? Are all young girls doing this now? Am I completely out of touch? How old am I to be tut tutting like this? Would I wish I were young again if this is the world of the youth of Ireland?

When I was young I couldn’t imagine being the age I am now, nor would I have believed that life was good for anyone who was not ‘young’. I am sure those photo credit: GlacierTim via photopin cctwo women would probably share that opinion if they saw me today, especially as I have laughed my way through much of my life, leading to laughter lines and all manner of blemishes on my face, not to mention my stick thin lips!

However they would be wrong.

These past few years have without doubt been the best in my life and 2017 is looking equally promising. Most of what I do I love doing, be it spending time with my family, writing or teaching swimming. I’ve built a circle of friends second to none and a social and private life I enjoy enormously.
I have goals for this year and I’m actively making them happen. Who knows if I will succeed, but what I do know, is that this year I am facing the New Year with an enthusiasm I don’t ever remember before.

So would I go back to my younger days? Not a chance. I’ll stick where I am, thin lips and all.

photo credit: 16 via photopin (license)

photo credit: GlacierTim via photopin cc

21 thoughts on “What age would you wish to be?

  1. Oh no! I’m supposed to worry about having thin lips? I really should start keeping a list.

    I loved being a child when a wonderful summer could last an eternity, but over the years I’ve gained so many skills that help me deal with life, and I’d hate to lose them and have to learn them all over again. I’m happy staying just as I am.

    1. Yes I wonder how many would think like us?
      I do think having a magical childhood is a wonderful thing though, like you say, endless Summers, Christmas, holidays, toys, cycling, playing outdoors. But having to live the other years again…no thanks.

  2. I couldn’t even watch the programme so that tells you where I am about thin lips and the like!
    As for age, I’d quite like a look at 100 just to see how that is. Pity you can’t press preview and come back to edit …

    1. Haha. I love that idea of a preview and edit. I’m not sure I’d like to see 100 though. Maybe a very active 90.
      My other half loves the Late late show, I indulged him while waiting for Graham Norton and it was a revelation…not a good one.

  3. I’m totally with you, Tric. I wouldn’t want to go back. Each age has its gifts and graces as well as its trials. I’ll take the sagging and thinning and wrinkling. I’ve earned it and I plan to explore the freedom and joy that comes with age.<3

  4. Great post. Maybe my lips are the only thing that’s now thin about me, but I love the age I am now πŸ˜€

  5. like you, i am happy to be right where i am in life. i have come to accept what can’t be changed, and choose who and what i want to keep and to do in my life.

  6. There’s been happiness surveys and often it’s the older people, such as the ones in their 50s and 60s who are actually the happiest! I completely agree that I don’t understand why some people feel the need for botox and lip injections. It just makes me sad! Kylie jenner, the youngest Kardashian girl looked perfectly nice but she wasn’t happy thinking her lips were too thin and got all sorts of work done. And young girls look up to her.

  7. I have a horror of reliving anything, Tric, no matter how good it was, because I’d never want to know less about my life than I do now. Once it’s done it’s done. Mind you, if I could LOOK like I did at 21, that would be a different matter entirely.

  8. No, no going back! Too much has been learned and absorbed along the way! Thin lips and a lived in face are the passport to have. Can’t imagine anyone obsessing in front of a mirror every day! Thank you for rejecting all of that and being you and bringing joy to your readers as a result! Happy thin lipped 2017! Bring it on!

  9. I was intrigued by the title so came to find out what age you’d choose. It’s great that last year and this year have been such wonderful for you. What could be better than being so content with the age you are now?

    1. Yes while writing it I too was surprised how content I am now, especially as I look at my older kids who think their life is great. But no thanks I’ve no desire to go back.
      Although I’d like to look like I did back then and certainly have a pre baby body…sigh, you can’t have everything I suppose.

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