The things I don’t say

Is there anyone out there who is not guilty of taking a loved one for granted? Who holds them in their heart but rarely expresses how much they mean to them?

Today, in my life, such a loved one is having a birthday.

These are the things she doesn’t know.
That I woke up this morning and wished her a happy birthday in my head, before even getting credit: Petra Senders via photopin cc
That many days I reminisce with my children of the wonderful time we had with her as a child.
That I used to pity others when I realised they had no one like her in their lives.
That I often write to her here on my blog and never post it.

When other children thought themselves lucky to be brought to a cafe as a treat, she took us into town and lunch in Wynns Hotel, where we ate scampi.
When we wanted something outrageous, it was she we approached. I never remember being disappointed
When we were in trouble she listened and covered for us often.

One of my favourite memories of her was a time when I was about eight years old. Shopping night was Thursday. My father would always be dispatched to do the shopping while my mother, birthday girl and brother would wander about looking at clothes etc. There was a jacket I fell in love with. I have little memory of loving clothes as a child, but a very clear memory of this bomber jacket. It had a dark, chocolate brown velvet collar and was perfect on me.

At eight years of age subtlety is not a strong point. Each week I’d bring birthday girl by the hand, to look at this jacket. I’d ask her did she love it and tell her it was the most beautiful jacket I’d ever seen. So in love with it was I, that I clearly explained to her I’d never again want a present, not even for Christmas or my birthday, if I could only get that jacket.

Surprisingly enough I got it and wore it into the ground.

This barely touches on what it was like to have a person like this in our lives. As children she spoiled us, as young adults she spoiled us and now as grown ups, she continues to care about and spoil us and our children, for so little return.

As I write this today I continue to think as I did as a child, that those who do not have her in their lives are unlucky and that I am doubly blessed, for not only is she a part of my life but she is also my godmother.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday today, birthday girl. I rarely say it, I certainly don’t show it often enough, but I really do feel so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for everything you have done, for always being there and for all the wonderful times we have shared.

Happy Birthday.

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