How’s your blog doing?

‘How’s your blog doing?’ This is the question I am asked most frequently by those who know I write, which isn’t too many in my everyday life. I think the vast majority hear the word ‘blog’ and think it is something I do which must make money. Commonly I’m met with confused faces when I explain that my blog is just something I write in because I love to write. By the time they discover I write in it every few days I’m usually met with the killer statement, ‘I don’t know where you get the time.’ Whether they mean it or not, I usually interpret this as ‘lucky you to have time to waste.’

Do I care? No not really, because I understand that writing for many is akin to doing homework, whereas for myself it is something I can’t not do, an addiction of sorts.  For isn’t that the truth? We always find time for something we love doing. Even if I’m not writing I am thinking of it, in the car, awake at night, anytime I’m alone with my thoughts.

To date I’ve finished a few short stories and edited them into the ground. It’s hard to really finish a story and be happy with it. There’s always a word or turn of phrase which catches my eye and I try to improve it. Often the improvement does no such a thing and my story is less not more. By the time I’ve finished the piece I’ve convinced myself it’s a rubbish story and I hide it away in ‘My documents’ cursing the wasted time.

However I have sent two pieces recently to competitions. One I’ve not heard anything about yet, the other was not shortlisted. I photo credit: <a href="">Starting Today</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>afraid I didn’t take rejection well. It fed into my writing insecurities, ‘I knew it,’ why did you bother sending it?’ ‘Morto, imagine a judge read that rubbish?’ As a result it took me a couple of weeks to get back on the bike. However before you feel sorry for me, or annoyed at me, I think it had to happen. I am now in a very different place, a bit more confident and a lot more determined. Rejection is part of writing. Some like a story or book, others don’t. That doesn’t mean they are awful stories or books. So with renewed enthusiasm I unearthed a couple of hidden stories and I’m looking at them with fresh eyes.

This weekend I am heading away to a writing festival, Focal Festival in Wexford and am so looking forward to it. There I will meet up with Carmel Harrington the festival chairperson. Carmel is an author of three books and has just finished editing number four. She has an online writing group, Imagine, Write, Inspire of which I’m lucky enough to be a member. This group of fellow aspiring writers and already published authors have really helped me with my writing. I’ll also be meeting three other members of the group, one of whom, Andrea Mara, has been shortlisted for the Colm Toibin short story award, (yes the one that I wasn’t). It’s a huge achievement and I am delighted for her and incredibly jealous.

So hopefully after listening to newly published authors I’ll be encouraged and after hearing successful authors speak I’ll be inspired. To spend a whole day steeped in the world of writing will be a joy. No swimming, no coaching or teaching, no children or husband just myself and my writing dreams.

What are my writing dreams? To someday share with you all the publication of something I’ve written.
Dreams do come true, I just have to wake up and make them happen.

Thank you all for your continued encouragement, both here in wordpress and on facebook.

photo credit: Stock Screening via photopin (license)
photo credit: Starting Today via photopin (license)

7 thoughts on “How’s your blog doing?

      1. I note some other esteemed company didn’t make the short-list. I’d drink to that, if I were you; and knock back a chaser at the arbitrary nature of these competitions. Potentially more satisfying than shoving a twin-set of two fingers in the air.

  1. Would love to read one of your short stories Tric and I mean that in all honesty. Been a fan of your blog for over a year now. The festival sounds like it could be a lot of fun. No doubt a great opportunity to make connections which might be useful further down the line if/when you release your own stories into the wild.

  2. Just because one place didn’t think enough to publish your work doesn’t mean someone else feels the same way, whether you know it or not you are a inspiration to those of us who start but never get to the finish line, you manage to get there twice. My hat’s off to you.

  3. i get that question too at times, usually from someone who doesn’t know me too well, though, because those who do, know that i just love to write.. sorry for your rejections, it’s always hard for me too, in any arena, but remember that everyone who’s made it in a profession was first rejected many times. i’m glad you’re going to meet inspirational people, i’m quite sure you’ll come back refreshed .

  4. I’ve never tried writing fiction, Tric, but I’ve heard from many, many different sources that everybody who does, even the ones who go on to pen successful bestsellers, get rejected about a million times first. I’m sure you’ll have a great time at the writing festival. It sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂

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