A shout out and a favour to ask.

Some of you may remember my writing previously about young Ben? He was a beautiful, handsome, lively six year old who became ill and passed away within the space of two weeks. Because of the bravery and selflessness of Ben’s parents who agreed to donate his organs, the lives of other children were saved.

While Ben’s family and the families of many others were struggling, another man, Pa Curran, a singer songwriter from Ireland, also lost his best friend, Taidhg-Burke-Neff. Taidhg’s family also decided to donate his organs. Inspired by the memory of a helicopter transferring his friends organs from the hospital Pa wrote a song called, Unintentional Hero. He then went on to make a video for organ donation awareness, featuring the photos of those who had saved lives, including small Ben. I remember how much that meant to Ben’s family at the time, as it must have also done for all the others who took part. It’s an amazing video.

Why am I writing this now when I’ve written about it before? Because a few minutes ago I read this post by Pa Curran describing his crippling self doubt before gigs. Even though I don’t know him personally, I was struck by how much I could empathise with him. I love to write but if I were to meet someone who wanted to speak of my writing I’d be mortified. It’s not easy to see what someone else sees in you.

So tonight I wanted Pa Curran to know that I understand his nerves but, in my opinion, he is no ordinary singer songwriter and that the song ‘Unintentional Hero’, and the video he produced are actually extraordinary.

I also wanted to ask of you, who are reading this, a favour. Pa has been nominated for ‘The Acoustic Yard Singer/Songwriter Of The Year 2016’. I believe it’s a title he’s well entitled to. If you have a moment can you please vote here? It will quite literally only take one second. Just vote for Pa Curran, Unintentional Hero. Please and Thank you. Unfortunately I think it is only a facebook vote so you may have to be logged into facebook.

And just in case you are in any doubt why he deserves your vote, here is Unintentional Hero, with a lovely shot of young Ben, his Dad and his sister as well as so many other brave families with stories to tell.

photo credit: Has City of London lost its voice with Brexit? via photopin (license)

39 thoughts on “A shout out and a favour to ask.

    1. Thank you.I really appreciate it. I love the song and knowing the story behind it, of Pa hearing his friends heart being flown away,
      “But still don’t understand
      Why your heart took flight”
      the words just mean so much more.
      As I watch it’s hard to believe the pain all those families went through and how brave and generous they were. Lovely to see the survivors at the beginning too. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Beth. It’s a lovely song alright and with the video says so much. It’s impossible to watch it and not be moved, especially as we look at small Ben and know all the other families hurt so much too.

    1. No it was working last night. I’ve tried it again and it seems to be okay although when I read your comment earlier it didn’t work for me either. He’s doing really well actually so fingers crossed.
      Thanks for trying anyway.

    1. Thanks Bun. Yes it was down when Duncan tried as I checked it then too. That’s great.I don’t know Pa and I’d not push it if I didn’t feel so strongly about it.
      Appreciate you taking the time.:)

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