Finding time.

Can you hear me sigh? Sitting here writing once more is like returning home after a busy day, sinking into a comfy chair and feeling my shoulders slowly begin to relax.

How I have missed writing, reading and interacting with a world most who know me are unaware of.

In two years I’ve only missed writing here if I were on holidays, but recently life just went a bit mad in the busy, not tragic way thankfully, leaving me no time at all to write. Well I say no time to write, which is not strictly true, I continued to write regularly in the blog inside my mind. I chatted and shared daily with you all, I wrote stories, some entertaining, some quite deep, all forgotten the following day! On occasions something would remind me of some of you and I would wonder how you were, or I’d find myself laughing or remembering a post I’d read weeks ago.

For in truth although I was not online, or writing, I never stopped blogging. I don’t believe I can.

I’m happy to say all is good in my world, but tonight as I write the families of those who lost their children in Berkeley are not far from my thoughts. This time last year my beautiful eldest daughter along with thousands of other Irish students, made their way to the USA for a Summer of new experiences. Late August she came home, and she has continued to be a bright light in our house. For six parents there will be no home coming. For those who are injured life is changed forever. Today Ireland is collectively mourning their loss.

Tonight with this tragedy in mind I will hold my children close, take the time to tell them I love them, and as I go to sleep remember those who have lost their future.

Life comes with no guarantees, it’s important to appreciate it while we have it, and find the time to enjoy it.

It’s good to be back.

photo credit: Egg Timer via photopin (license)

29 thoughts on “Finding time.

  1. Hearing of the Berkeley accident made me physically ill, hurting for the families. Such an awful accident!
    Missed your physical blogging, but understand the depth of the ones you wrote in your head. I’ve got some awesome ones posted in my head..I just can’t find them!

    1. Thanks Deb. You were one who I wondered about and hoped you were doing okay. It is beyond sad.
      The girl who was having the birthday party lives a few doors from my mum, she said it’s so sad to see her car there, she is in a coma and her cousin died. I can’t begin to imagine what a nightmare it is. Some of the families didn’t get there until this evening.

      1. So glad you thought of me! Makes me feel important!! Ha! I’m doing fine, just busy like you. I am also way behind on writing and reading. I feel disconnected when I’m away this long.
        My heart hurts for those families and their friends.

  2. it’s good to have you back, tric, and like you, i feel like you never left really. my heart goes out to all of the families for this tragic loss.

    1. Thanks Beth. I missed this place to vent and think. It is so sad, the country has collectively gone into mourning for the lovely young lives gone too soon, and to those changed forever.

  3. I am so out of touch that I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll have to Google that because I can’t get enough depressing news in my life. Glad you’re doing well though. I think of you from time to time, and of course, it’s in an inappropriate way. There’s a chap in the police academy from Dublin and I like to ride him a little bit. He’s no Corkian, that’s for sure!

    1. Great to hear from you Don. I am not sure if you were aware that the term ‘ride him’ means something very very different over here! 🙂

    1. So sorry I thought I’d replied to your kind comment. It’s been so sad watching them being brought home for the last time this past week.

  4. My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who died or were injured in the accident at Berkeley. To lose a child is a horrible thing. I pray for those parents, and for those injured students. Hugs to you and to all who have been touched by this tradedy.

    1. Thank you so much. It hit this country hard as so many of our young adults go to the US every summer on a J1 visa. By all accounts the survivors and families have been very well looked after.

  5. Berkeley is only about 45 minutes across the bridge from us and we couldn’t believe this when we heard what had happened (especially having our own kids in college, too). Words don’t do justice but our hearts are aching for the parents of those teens taken from life much too early. Healing prayers will continue for all families affected by this tragedy but it’s difficult to imagine how healing is even possible…

    1. It’s a terrible tragedy, but they have spoken about how well they have been looked after. My friends son is over there on a J1 and the night of the memorial a neighbour who is american called by with flowers and asked him to take them over. It’s every parents nightmare.

  6. I had not heard of this tragedy. How utterly heart breaking for all involved. They are in my prayers, as are their friends and families.

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