I am looking for your help.

I am hoping you can help me. I would like to pick one post to enter into the Irish Parenting Blog Awards in the category of Best Blog Post. I know I have a lot of miserable poignant posts, but I spent all of ten minutes revisting my old posts this evening and these caught my eye.

My Life in Words

When the last door closes.

Enjoy them while they are small.

If you have time I am hoping you will vote for one of them here, or if you have another you prefer you can add it in the comments.

Thanks a million.


19 thoughts on “I am looking for your help.

    1. Thanks. I still feel the pang of this one months later each night. The “forgive John” will never leave me. It made me a very angry girl for a long time, I’m glad you felt it. Thanks again.

  1. I read your other post about this too Tric. I think it’s better (?) to choose the posts to have us choose from. Or easier? I don’t know. Though it might be kind of neat to put out a couple of posts with different options in each post. It is hard to remember posts when we follow so many blogs. But when I went back to each of the ones you had listed, I remembered them. So that was a good indicator of the impact of your writing.

    1. Yes even your posts who I follow so regularly I forget, although I would pick one or two I remember clearly. I hope you voted, or will do when you get a chance. ( I remember the mirror one and your house , and also the one with the photo of you all, just in case you’re curioius)

      1. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE TODAY TRIC! I did vote. and I would vote on more than one if you want more than one option. My problem is I don’t know if time wise, they fit in the past year or not. I love all of the posts you did about your nursing years. There were two about your husband that I love. And just about any of the ones where you say FECK. 🙂

  2. I love your posts, but voted for “last door” as my favorite. If you decide to use it, though, consider scooting in and editing the it’s in the fourth from last paragraph to its – unless you meant “it is” rather than the possessive. I could argue the case either way, but I was thinking you meant possessive…

    1. Thank you Joanne. That was my favourite too, but ‘My life in words’ won by over 50% of the vote. Thanks a million for your edit, I’ve corrected it. In time I may be calling you as a reader as you have a sharp eye. I hate grammar errors so thank you so much,(feel free to let me know anytime you notice one).

      1. Thanks for the edit permission. Some people are upset by it. If you do feel strongly that the closed door post fits better with the requirements of the competition, you should use it, despite the vote.

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