A request.

For a long time this blog was a source of comfort to me, a place to speak from the heart and soul, a place I went to daily to ruminate or offload. But, that was in the olden days, before so many found it and I became more conscious of who was reading.

However, just for tonight I’m going to pretend it’s the olden days. I’m not sharing on Facebook, so only those who follow my blog here will see what I write.

At the moment a family member is unwell. I am very hopeful all will work itself out in the next few weeks but in the mean time it is all consuming. It’s a part of every thought I have, every decision I make, every moment I laugh and every tear I shed.

I’ll continue to write here when I get the time and lighten things up by sharing my column as always, but just tonight, between ourselves and away from social media I wonder would you, my blog buddies, who’ve seen me through so much, please take a moment to send a prayer to whatever god you believe in, or a request to the universe we are part of, on my loved ones behalf?

Thank you.


39 thoughts on “A request.

  1. After many months, the Fates must have brought me here tonight. May the Goddess look after your family member. Bright blessings of love and light to you and all your family ❤

  2. You will be in my thoughts Tric as I wait for news from my daughter who has just gone into labour in far away Brisbane.
    Take care

    1. Oh my goodness how wonderful and exciting and difficult to be so far away. Thank you for your kind thoughts. It’s so hard to be helpless. Let me know what the news is and I can congratulate you.

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