When all you can do, is just be there.

November 29th. A day without significance in my life for over four decades, until five years ago when it became the day when the force that was young Daniel left this life, hopefully for adventures somewhere new. Since then time has continued to tick by. My own children have grown up, some have finished school … More When all you can do, is just be there.

We have not forgotten.

Anniversaries. We all mark them. We say, ‘One week ago today’, or ‘This day last month’. Our birthdays, wedding anniversaries and memorable occasions. Today is October 7th. To some of you it is a Tuesday of little importance. To others it is an anniversary, a special day. Today October 7th is a significant anniversary in … More We have not forgotten.

Where do you go?

A group of friends gather together and enjoy conversation, and craic, Catching up on happenings, we chat and laugh out loud. It is one of those nights, Summer holidays are upon us, and the relaxed atmosphere is evident. Then mid laugh, with happiness in my heart you catch my eye. I see you smile. As … More Where do you go?

A Christmas miracle or wonderful coincidence?

Christmas Eve is such a wonderful day when you have children. It is full of anticipation and excitement thinking of the special visitor who will be calling later. From early morning my youngest had acted like the town crier, “One more day”, was her mantra. All the presents were wrapped and under the tree. Much feeling … More A Christmas miracle or wonderful coincidence?