Help I’m losing the plot!

Help. I need help!
Well actually it is not just myself who needs help, but my dog. She is, as far as I can see, in serious need of psychiatric help.

Up to two days ago she was a cute, darling, lovable pet, who loved playing with a ball, second only to sitting on my lap.

Then we decided that it was time for a haircut. Now she usually has lovely short hair, which I brush regularly. However the Summer came, and she found the sea, and she found she loved the sea. Then I found that the sea doesn’t really agree with her lovely coat. Before we knew it knots had appeared. Our gorgeous little lady had some very large knots, which would mean only one thing…. she would need a very tight haircut, or in plain English, a shave!cici

So off she went on Tuesday, happily skipping along, tail wagging, for her ‘haircut’. She hasn’t been seen since!

I collected the rat, little darling after three hours. Oh dear God, the state of her. She is like a shorn sheep, but with a cute face. However it is her tail that is the biggest problem. It has been cut short, but with a plume of hair at the end. This tail is the main source of my dearest little ladies fall into lunacy.

You see, up to now, she didn’t know she had a tail. Yes she wagged it regularly, but that was it. However since the hair cut she has discovered she has a tail, or as I think she would put it, a stalker! She walks a few steps and then takes off, in a crazy bid to outrun her tail. Sometimes, accepting that she cannot do that, she spins around, and around and around, chasing that fecker. Eventually she ‘catches’ it. When she does, in a fit of fury, she bites down hard, just to let it know how she feels about it, and then howls as she discovers it is actually a part of her.

In the two days since she got her hair cut, she has been demented. Instead of relaxing on my lap, as if on a tropical beach, she jumps up every few minutes, to a ridiculous height, and tries to nip that stalker. When not in attacking mode she sits crying, and at times she decides it’s all too much as she barks her head off, looking at that ‘thing’ behind her.

While I love dogs, up to now I have never lost it over them. However I think this lady has pushed me over the edge. Today, watching her jump, cry and bark, I even contemplated getting her a dog coat, so she can no longer feel her tail. Yes, a dog coat, I greatly fear I am losing the plot!

Unless any of you have any better advice, it looks like a dog coat is coming my way. Although my daughter is convinced a pretty dress would work better! Tonight, like a baby who has had a fretful day, ‘Ratty’ is lying asleep in a state of exhaustion. There is peace in the house at last.

Tomorrow is another day, and I greatly fear, both she and I, are heading for madness, as I resolve to never allow her into the sea again. Help.

22 thoughts on “Help I’m losing the plot!

  1. Oh no, they gave her a lion cut! I’m so sorry, they’re always so dejected and forlorn after a lion cut. Especially dogs. Mostly the lion cut is used on persian cats, that’s who it’s meant for. But it’s a groomers attempt to stylize an animal that needs “extra care”. It’s the go-to cut for little dogs who’ve taken to the sea, but the sea has not taken to them. My pomeranian gets a modified lion cut every spring, but I let my husband do it, and it ends up looking like she somehow managed to drag herself free from a sea of out of control scissors. So sad. So so sad.

    1. Sorry I’m so late replying but it has been a busy few days. She was more than a bit upset by it all so I’ll make sure we don’t have to do it ever again.
      Thankfully today she is much better, and back to normal.

    1. I’ve been medicating myself as per your suggestion, and it’s almost worked. 🙂
      Sorry I’m so late replying but it was a hectic few days. Ratty is back to normal from today.

  2. Very cute – we have a shih tzu (also? looks like) and she doesn’t like when her tail is left long either, but she doesn’t go crazy. I’ve actually trimmed it shorter myself, more to be practical so it doesn’t get in things… not too hard to do, as long as you don’t nip her tail itself. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Lucia. She’s returned to normal today, and there is no way I’m ever doing that to her again, if at all possible.
      We usually keep her short and brush her, but I think I went just a couple of weeks over and yikes.

  3. Ha ha. I am sorry for laughing. Maybe you could try snipping the hair on her tail?
    We used to clip out dog as well in the warmer months and although he looked like a rat, we never had any other issues.

    1. Thanks. I cut her short before and she didn’t mind but this time she flipped. I’ll not be doing it again.
      Thankfully today she’s much better.
      Sorry about the delay commenting back, busy few days!

  4. I’d give anything to have a dog. I still have my dog’s hair in the brush from the last grooming and no heart to throw it away. Scout’s electric toothbrush is still on the sink where I kept it.

    Scout had to be clipped too… 😦

      1. I’d love to get another dog but my husband prefers not to have one because of the extra work. He would like to travel a little and he does not want the “trouble” it takes to have a dog. 😦 I may have to go to rent-a-doggy or something. Maybe hang out at the park and pet other people’s dogs. 🙂

  5. Oh dear, your poor dog and poor you! The way this blog is written is very funny but I know in reality it’s not. I have no advice but I hope she gets over it quick sharp 🙂 x

    1. Thanks a million. Just today she is back to ‘normal’. It was quite funny but as she’s such a pet it was also awful to watch.
      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, it was a busy weekend.

      1. Glad to hear she’s feeling better. Horrible to see our pets unwell – my cat has been to-ing and fro-ing to the vets the last month and we still don’t know what’s wrong with her (she’s anaemic but they don’t know what’s causing it). Now been referred to the vet hospital! Such a worry our animals!

    1. When I read your comment the other day I was sorely tempted to get in touch with you!. Happily today she has settled today.
      Sorry I’m a bit late getting back to you but it was a busy weekend.

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