Life offline.

I’ve been blogging for four years and up to this year posted regularly. However, in more recent times I’ve taken a step back.


Because I’m enjoying living.

Yes, I’m spending more time honing my writing skills on short stories and trying to lessen the time I spend online.

How’s my WIP going? It’s not. I didn’t know the main characters, (a father and his teenage son), well enough, so to remedy that I’m writing a few short stories starring them, which will hopefully give me a feel for who they are and understand their relationship better. Perhaps I might post a few here, with no spoilers, and see what you think?

In the meantime, I’ve been out and about doing my best to enjoy this very warm Summer we are having here in Ireland, which is showing all of us what a beautiful country we live in.

This beautiful spot is no distance from my home. It’s along a lovely walk which wouldn’t exist without the foresight and efforts of two retired local gentlemen a few years ago, who set about clearing it and seeking help from the council. Today, it is enjoyed by hundreds every week.

Because sunshine is pretty much guaranteed these days, yer man and myself decided to take a drive an hour away to a small coastal town, Courtmacsherry, which we’d not visited for years. We headed up one of the seven heads for a walk, which brought us along the coast and gave us some great views. However, my favourite photo of that day is this one, of a rather crowded signpost.

Another great evening out was when yer man and I headed to Spike Island. This is Cork’s very own Alcatraz. It was a monastery in the sixth century, and the largest convict depot in the world in Victorian times. It continued to be a prison for young offenders until 2004. We were there not to view the prison though, but to attend a Johnny Cash tribute band, as they commemorated his Folsom prison concert.

Spike Island is just outside Cobh harbour, pronounced Cove. It was from here that the Titanic picked up its last passengers. This is the view they would have had as they sailed away. Four days later it sank. 1,503 were drowned.

On the way home we got to enjoy a wonderful sunset. I could tell you that it was ‘oh so romantic’ and spill the online ‘it’s a wonderful life’ nonsense I read all over the internet. However, the reality was, we were driving along and I was begging yer man to slow down and he was pretty much ignoring me, so I took the photo out the window!

So, now you’ve seen what I’ve been up to I hope you forgive me for not keeping so much in touch.

13 thoughts on “Life offline.

  1. So happy to see that you are enjoying your lovely country, this crazy but wonderful weather and that you are working on your writing. You inspire me…..!

  2. Have being dodging in and out myself lately Tric batteries have to be charged, eyes have to be rested, bodies have to be tanned bottles have to be corked – I’ve been to that signpost on a few occasions and places in between even gigged in Dunmanway in my youth. Stayed in Courtmacsharry a few years ago grand spot to escape from the hustle and bustle hope you are continuing to bask in this glorious weather.

  3. Unplugging is vital once in awhile, Tric. Lovely photos. Enjoy, and good luck on the short stories.
    I’ve also begun dabbling in this genre with a new journal my son gave me. I’ve written 3 rough drafts so far. Oh, but I need more time in a day to create blog posts, read blogs, write poetry, write short stories, read books, and enjoy family, dog, and friends. 🙂

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