Mom, I have something to tell you.

As I prepare sandwiches daily,
for my daughters school lunch,
that are often not eaten.
I say, ‘Thank you’.

As my daughter rushes to check her swim bag,
moments before swimming,
to discover I took out and dried her wet togs yesterday.
I say ‘Thank you’.

When my daughter wrinkles up her nose at her dinner,
the one I have spent time making,
saying, ‘I hate spaghetti bolognaise’,
I say, ‘Thank you’.photo credit: Eric Lumsden via photopin

When my daughter says, ‘I’ll tidy it in a minute’,
referring to her tip of a bedroom,
and never does.
I say, ‘Thank you’.

When my daughter asks me where her blue top is,
and I say ‘I’ve just ironed it’,
because I knew she wanted to wear it out that night.
I say ‘Thank you’.

When my children ask for lifts,
at all hours of the day or night,
and I leave what I’m enjoying to collect them.
I say ‘Thank you’.

When I wake at night,
worrying about one or other of my children,
as they sleep soundly.
I say ‘Thank you’.

When I see my children grow up,
oblivious to most of what I do, for them,
I think of you and,
I say,’Thank you’.

Tonight as I remember,
the many things you did for me,
and all that you still do,
I say,’Thank you’.

Thank you Mom, xxxx

photo credit: Eric Lumsden via photopin
photo credit: ohsohappytogether via photopin cc

10 thoughts on “Mom, I have something to tell you.

  1. Ironing my kids uniforms tonight, I remembered how my uniform seemed to magically appear every morning at the bottom of my bed. I can’t believe everything my mum did for us and we took it for granted. Now, with kids if my own, I see how amazing she is. 🙂

  2. Laundry is the one thing my mom never really had me do as a kid. Thankfully. Now I wonder how the heck she did it with ten in the house.

    And my mom deserves more thanks than she ever got. Brilliant post Tric.

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