Does she know?

I have been given many gifts in my life, but there is one above all I treasure.
It was gifted to me many years ago.

I was pregnant with my third child. At the time life was hectic with four children under six in the house, as I was minding two little girls as well as my own two. I was also very sick, morning, noon and night. One of my closest friends, (who I may have written about here), was also pregnant. We were due a few weeks apart but she was due first. I adore babies and couldn’t wait for her to have her little one so I could hold it, and smell that beautiful new born smell.

Out of the blue one afternoon, my friends young daughter, then aged six, said her mom wanted to ask me if I would be God mother to this new little one when it arrived.

I was overwhelmed. This babies Dad was one of eleven children. Being chosen ahead of many others was a huge honour, and yes I admit it I cried.

That little bundle arrived in August. I remember rushing in to see her less than an hour after she was born, lying shamelessly to the nurse at the door saying I was her aunt.

From that very first day this little lady captured my heart. I cannot begin to describe all the wonderful memories I have of her growing up. Watching her learn to walk, collecting her from playschool, minding her when her aunt and grandmother were sick, and reading her and my own little one stories at night when she decided she didn’t want to go credit: <a href="">Petra Senders</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

I was thinking about her today as her birthday approaches, and I was reminded how quickly time has passed. She is almost grown up now,taller than myself, and bears no resemblance to the little bundle I first held all those years ago. I wondered how many of those memories, which flooded my brain today, did she remember. The many hugs and kisses, cuddles and smiles?

Did she remember me trying to brush her hair, because she wouldn’t let her mom? Did she remember sharing my lap with my own daughter every day while I sang “I love you” at the end of Barney? Did she remember me telling her her birth mark was special, because that’s where holy God kissed her? Did she remember how special she was to me?

Yes I wondered today, did she remember?
And as I thought it I wondered, does she still know?

photo credit: porschelinn via photopin cc
photo credit: Petra Senders via photopin cc

8 thoughts on “Does she know?

  1. I remember many silly moments with my own Godfather and aunts and uncles, and I’m sure your god daughter does as well. Fondly with a smile on her face, I’m sure.

  2. The Republic of Cork and surrounding counties need more caring people like you Tric – Welcome the President of Cork, Tric Kearney – now it does have a ring to it (not a Christy Ring might I add)

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