I am not posting tonight!

I can do this. I’m not addicted.
I can go a night without posting.
Of course I can.

Fingers begin to twitch.

I am not posting tonight.
No writing for me.
I’ve nothing to write about anyway.

Feet begin to tap.

I’m not addicted.
I will just read other blogs and not write anything tonight.
I can do this.

Begin to bite lip.

If I did post I wonder what I’d write?
A bit of humour wouldn’t go amiss on this blog.
With a catchy title and a good photo.

Discover laptop on my lap.

I’ll just draft one post Β for tomorrow.
There’s no harm in that.
Afterall I’m not addicted.

I can do this…..

Ah feck it I can’t!

21 thoughts on “I am not posting tonight!

  1. It is addicting. But it keeps us on our toes. Observant abd participating in life. Sharing new experiences. πŸ˜‰ that’s an okay fix. Or a good rationalization!

    1. I’m a great one for thinking them up after a glass of wine. I could write all night if it weren’t too late.
      Mind you when I edit them the next day they are not always the prize winning posts I thought they were the night before.

  2. So you didn’t post anything tonight Tric – well knock me down with a feather, here was I going to congratulate you on your Blog Ireland nomination I spotted last night – may wait another night for the chance, that is if you don’t feel like not posting again tomorrow night.

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