My husband is lucky he married me.

I am away for a night, so just in case my other half misses me, I thought I’d repost this and remind him just how lucky he is!

Some people wonder is marriage worth it?small_5385630635 (1)
Why would you commit to a lifetime with one person?
Well those people were never married to me.

In general I am an agreeable person,
and usually happy.
However to be married to someone who is always happy,
would be a rather dull affair,
so to ensure our life is never boring,
on occasions I get mad.
It is here my husband and I show our differences.

I am sure those of you who read this can testify,
that there are different ways to argue.
Some of us roar and shout,
others simmer silently for credit: <a href="">tranchis</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

I am a ‘roar and shouter’.
I go from “normal” to “boiling” in a matter of moments.
My husband is a very laid back type,
so on the whole, I do not get a lot of opportunity to boil over.

However yesterday we had a row.
It was over a life changing event.
Something so very important that I boiled over,
and my husband reacted.
I know I shouldn’t expose family secrets on this blog,
but I will let you in on this one.
It was about cleaning the barbecue properly.

If the truth be known the real reason for our row,
was the fact that the night before,
we had enjoyed a fantastic night in a friends house,
and had not returned home until 4am!
Both of us were how you might say,
a little bit tired.

Anyway I flipped out.
My usual method of anger is to roar and shout,
and throw in as many “feck” “fu*k” and whatever else words I can remember.
My husband never ever curses so each word is used by me for maximum effect.

Yesterday as usual having exploded,
I then left the room to cool off.
This might have involved door banging,
but due to the red mist in front of my eyes I cannot fully remember.
The cooling off process was as quick as the heating up.
So within a short period of time,
I was feeling relaxed and had moved on.

Then I heard my husband shout,
“I’m going for a cycle, I’ll make my own dinner”.
If I were to tell you he said this in a tone,
that you could not class as “loving”, “friendly” or “cheerful”
I think you would know what I mean.

After he left the kids arrived into me.
This is one of the many negative reasons for having children.
As they grow up they form opinions,
and then insist on sharing them with you.
Anyway they came in and agreed collectively,
that in their words, I was “so mean to Dad”.
They re enacted the row and told me he was only trying to help.
Then one of them said,
“and now the poor fella has to go on a cycle to calm down”.photo credit: <a href="">fogindex</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

I started to laugh.
I suddenly realized why my husband is so fit.
When I get mad I explode and sit in a room alone.
He on the other hand leaves the house,
and goes for a walk, swim or cycle.
Funny thing is he seems to be doing any or all the above,
on a regular basis every week.

So now that I think about it,
it is about time for him to say “Thank you”.
Without me he would be pounds heavier!
There is no denying it.
I really am a great wife.
He is so lucky to have me!


photo credit: tranchis via photopin cc
photo credit: fogindex via photopin cc
photo credit: pageantcast via photopin cc

9 thoughts on “My husband is lucky he married me.

  1. I love this Tric!! So funny, the bit about him going off to do something athletic when he’s mad. That’s the way of a man, no? We women sit and stew about it; they go out and have a good time! Sometimes I wish I thought like a man. Ever feel that way?? Great post, as always. 🙂

  2. Haha im a shouter too! Thats a good spin on things and he shoyld be thanking yoy for keeping him so fit 😉

  3. I tell my husband that the world is grateful I married him to make women everywhere safe. 😉 I’m not a yeller or a nagger either. You are funny, Tric. I needed this today. 😀

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