The launch of Unintentional Hero

We use the word “extraordinary” without a thought. How many truly extraordinary people do you know?

Tonight a group of families, whose loved ones donated their organs, will gather to salute and acknowledge what their loved ones have done. These are extraordinary people, in the true meaning of the word.

Each one of these families have shared the most dreadful of moments. The moment they were told their loved one would not survive. The moment they were asked to consider organ donation, and the moment they gave their loved one, one final kiss.

Each one of these families has a story to tell.

Handsome small Ben.  Saved five lives.
Handsome small Ben. Saved five lives.

Today on the Ray D’Arcy radio show, one such a story was told. It was told by Bryan, the father of young Ben who I have spoken about before on this blog. Bryan and Elma, put a young, healthy six year old to bed last year, never knowing that life was about to change forever.

Ben had a massive seizure. Huge efforts went into saving him, along side his own enormous battle to live. After eight days, despite being airlifted from Ireland to England, Ben ran out of options. In the depths of the greatest sadness a family can endure, his amazing parents offered their small boys organs to others. Then, far from home, they had to say Goodbye to their only son.

My daughter, who is a friend of young Bens only sister, sat beside me today as we listened spellbound as an email written by Ben’s dad, Bryan, was read on air. In it he spoke so movingly of the loss of his little boy, “his buddy”. Even the radio host struggled at times to continue, as did we to listen. With tears freshly flowing we heard Bryan speak about how much the launch of this song and video have meant to him. At last his little buddy, and the other unintentional heroes would be given the credit for what they have done. His tears still flow, he said, but this has taken some of the agony away, for a time at least.

As his email drew to a close, my daughter and I remembered young Ben skipping along to school, and we shared his Dad’s sadness at the huge loss of his little buddy. However we also understood that this song will honour and remember him, and all those like him.

So for anyone who can, I ask you to consider downloading this song from itunes it is so beautiful.

The writer Pa Curran also has a story to tell. He wrote this song after the loss of his best friend Taidhg Burke Neff in an accident. He wrote it immediately after hearing the news, and decided to use it to promote organ donation. Pa Curran has no advertising budget. So if you can please share the song link on social media. I think these families deserve all the support we can give them.

Just follow this link for Unintentional Heroes song on itunes.

The facebook page link for unintentional hero is here. If you get a chance you might give it a like or a share.

Thank you all.

10 thoughts on “The launch of Unintentional Hero

  1. Thanks for sharing such an important case here Tric.

    Many years ago, my daughter was serious sick at the hospital, I took the decision to be organ donor. I thought then that if my kids ever would need an organ, it may also be fair to donate yourself.

  2. Many years ago I taught a little boy who was born very prematurely. He had permanent lung damage and a severe hearing loss. He was always upbeat, always hardworking, always funny.
    About 8 months ago he received a double lung transplant, and I have been watching his heroics via facebook, as he takes his first walk without an oxygen tank, goes to the gym, walks on a beach all alone for the first time in his 24 years of life. This song and story really touched me, thinking of him! Thank you, Tric!

    1. Wow. I read this the other night but couldn’t comment. Isn’t it amazing what can be achieved. Not to mention the selflessness of the donor and family.
      It must be amazing to watch, even from afar, this boys lifes transformation.
      The song is number one in the downloads. 🙂

    1. I’ve been doing that for over twelve months now.
      The ripples of watching these families up close have changed so much in my life. I’m certainly not sweating the small stuff any more.

  3. Tric what incredible courage and grace these families show. I signed up to be a donor years ago. And my husband is a living donor, donating a kidney for his brother. What a difference we can make. Bless them all.

    1. Wow being a living donor is really exceptional. Well done your husband. When you see the life it changes.
      The song by the way is number one in itunes downloads.

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