A series of letters #25.

A while ago I asked readers to send me in letters.  Letters they would write to a loved one, a hated one,  a lost love or a letter of any sort. I got so many very interesting letters, way beyond anything I could have imagined.

I thought I would return to this series today. So here is a letter sent to me by the writer of the blog Mishunderstood. I hope you enjoy it.

Dear World,

Sometimes I wonder where you’re going and what will become of you. You have changed so much in such a short time. Can you keep up? Are you as afraid as I am?

Will you crumble from the weight of technological gadgets and shrivel up for lack of human contact? I fear for my grandchildren and theirs. Will they ever know what it’s like to play outside in a field of tall grasses and wild flowers? Will they have the imagination to pretend to be anything or create without the use of a cell phone or I pad?

 World, I worry for you. Your trees are not treasured. Your lakes are poisoned. You are getting warmer. What can I do to help? I am just one person. “Save the world, save the world”, they say, but really? I don’t think there are enough of us that care.

You keep spinning around despite the turmoil that you carry. You keep offering us beauty beyond belief in the shadows of evil, destruction, war and poverty. You keep giving us hope.

You are not to be reckoned with, yet you are so fragile. You rely on us to take care of you, when all we do is take care of ourselves. We use you. We abuse you. We ignore you.

World, I just want you to know that even though I often take you for granted, I love you. Every hill, every canyon, every stream, every creature, every little piece of dandelion fuzz that blows in the wind….

I love you.


One tiny little being

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