Guest blogger for one night only.

Tonight I am having serious difficulty writing my post. You may wonder is it writers block? Or have I so much I wish to write but can’t pin my thoughts down?

No they are problems for another day. Tonight it would appear that  I have a guest blogger who wishes to write on my blog. At least that is the only explanation I can come up with, for her obvious stalking of “mythoughtsonapage”.  Unlike myself, she is happy to not only blog, but have her picture featured.

The most pampered dog in Ireland insists that the only place she would like to sit is ON my laptop keyboard.

I first posted a long time ago about the sad passing of our 17 year old dog Suzi.  We were heartbroken…. Well in truth I was heartbroken. Within a day the kids had moved on to thoughts of another dog, and my husband seemed to have no idea why I was upset.

My youngest commandeered my blog, and begged me to post a plea to her dog disliking father.
I did, and eventually (within the hour), he relented and along came this little beauty. My daughter fell instantly in love with her, as did we all. DSCF0073

Well who wouldn’t?

So for tonight I surrender. She wins. There will be no amazing, thoughtful, mindblowing post tonight. Just a fairly pathetic one, featuring a small dog who cannot speak, but manages to rule the house. We really are powerless to resist, but now you have seen her I hope you can understand.

27 thoughts on “Guest blogger for one night only.

  1. Lovely little one!! That’s how it also started with my dog Bumble. He first insisted to sit in my chair, then wrote several guest posts and then a book 🙂

    1. Yes I remember. Actually sometimes I think she looks like a gremlin. My daughter is crazy about her and photos her all over the place.

  2. A nice little dog you have 🙂
    Here in my house it is my cats, who demand the attention, when I’m with the PC.
    My dog can’t find enough space here, he is more big and take much more space.

  3. No, no… NOT pathetic. Fabulous! She is so adorable and I SO get this post. As you know we lost our budgie recently and the talk is of a replacement. There is a daddy who needs convincing here too. And, do you know what the last photo I took of our gorgeous Sunny 2 days before he died was? Him walking over ad pecking at my keyboard….. xx Jazzy

    1. I read your post on your budgie, and loved the photo of him. My begging post worked really well the title was “Please Listen Daddy”. Shameless I know. 🙂
      The funny thing was he had no time for our last two dogs, but this one is allowed sleep on his lap while he reads the paper, and most days he even takes her for a walk!

  4. What a cute little addition to the family and delighted she is not at all camera shy (unlike her owner) I once had a young chicken who decided to become a house pet for a while and used to sit on my shoulder when I wrote on the computer!

  5. I also often have a guest blogger, in the form of my furry roommate, my cat. She likes to walk on/lie on/place a paw or two on the keyboard. If she so decides, she jumps in my arm and pulls the other arm off the keyboard. Any attempt on my part to type with my free hand, will result in my hand being pulled back, and quite often, bitten.

  6. The cutest little fur-ball in all of Ireland SHOULD be in your lap! What’s wrong with that? 😀

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