An Inspiring Weekend.

Last Thursday I posted this on my blog facebook page,

I’m hoping my time for dreaming is over and I start ‘doing.’ Tomorrow I am going away for two nights with the ‘Inspiration Project.’

No it’s not a cult.

It’s an opportunity to hang out with writers, be mentored by a writer, listen to a few presentations but above all write. No excuses, no interruptions.
To say I am ready and gunning to go is an understatement. It’s 2018. Could this be the year I finally get my writing in gear, write something I’m proud of and that others will like to read?

There I’ve said it publicly..

So, what was the Inspiration Project and how did the weekend go?nanowrimo

The project was the brainchild of three bestselling authors, Carmel Harrington, Hazel Gaynor and Catherine Ryan Howard. These power houses of positivity and inspiration gave so selflessly of their time all weekend. Their aim was to inspire those in attendance to write and to inform them of the do’s and do not’s that they wish they were privy to when they began to write. Their motto was, ‘Dream, Dare, Do.

There was a wonderful mix of writers attending and we bonded so well over the few days. On our opening night our mentors welcomed two ladies who they said travelled the furthest to attend. Having driven three hours I thought to myself… Do they not know I came from Cork?  However, chatting with the two ladies in question later I discovered one was Tanya from South Carolina and the other Audrey from Switzerland!

The Inspiration Project was held in the beautiful surrounds of Seafield Hotel in Gorey Wexford. Oh the joy of a room with a bed which would fit my whole family, all to myself. It was the perfect location, with it’s own small private beach which of course called out to be visited.

Perhaps my Dad was there too?

Did the weekend live up to my expectations?

Honestly, I can say for me this weekend was life changing. For a while I’ve imagined writing a book. I’ve a couple of ideas for fiction and recently explored memoir writing, which I loved. However, there was one large obstacle I just couldn’t overcome… the voice in my head.

I know those of you who read me regularly are shaking your heads and thinking… for goodness sake, not again, but honestly it was crippling. It didn’t matter how kind, or encouraging everyone was this was a problem beginning and ending with myself.

However, having spent three days with these amazing ladies I’ve a totally different outlook. They opened up endless possibilities for me and addressed the many reasons why I was struggling, but more importantly what to do about it.

Speaking with other writers I know they too found answers to their own questions.

So Monday dawned and with it a beautiful rainbow outside my house.

I began as I mean to go on. My aim is to have a first draft by June. I’m pretty sure I’ll flag along the way but when I do I’ll re read this and remember that I can and I will.

Others have, why not me?

BTW I know they are running another of these weekends in March. Just saying!





29 thoughts on “An Inspiring Weekend.

  1. Fabulous Tric, I wish you well, with a goal in mind you can always look to the future, and remind yourself why you are capable of achieving what it is you want. I look forward to being able one day to buy your book.

  2. Well said tric….. Yes the weekend was great and the 3 women did an amazing job in putting the event together so well. Your photos are your signs…. write that book. I’ll look forward to reading it !

  3. this sounds wonderful on every count. i’m so glad that it was inspiring. you will do an amazing job of bringing your words to the page, i have no doubt !

    1. I’m not so sure Beth but I’m up for the challenge. Instead of writing a great book I’m hoping to edit an ok one. Easier to live with that thought!

  4. You can and you will Tric, round up all those dictionaries and tippex out negativity, success will be yours. Glad you enjoyed Seafield and the lovely walk to the beach, I’ve even lost some golf balls there on several occasions. Chris.

  5. This weekend sounds amazing, Tric, and I’m so happy that you felt enlightened after attending. You’ll reach your finish line, I have no doubt, and I wish you all the best during the journey. I’ve always wanted to attend something like this, too, but have listened too intently to “my voices” as well, so the time hasn’t come just yet…
    Be inspired and go for it!

  6. I glad you got to go. That’s what I really miss about California. I was plugged in to writing groups and communities. Spending time with other writers is really important and making that time is the first step. You did it!

  7. Bit late to the party on this one Tric. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I’ve been following Catherine for years on her blog. Her self-published book made me take the plunge and gave me the push I needed to get something out there in the public domain. I also ‘interviewed’ her on my blog before her first book came out. The same series of interviews that you appeared on ‘Reid2write’ ages ago!! Anyway, look forward to reading your story when its good and ready. You’ve already got one buyer in me 😉

    1. Thanks a million Aidan, you and others like you really inspired me to do this. I know I took my time to get going, but better late than never.

  8. I think the important thing is to just keep writing! I also love to write and I think it is important to schedule time for the passions we have in life. Good luck to you! I love the idea of a writers retreat – very inspiring!

    1. Thank you. It was a fantastic experience. I do think you’re right, a schedule and routine of some sort are so essential.
      I’ve fallen off the wagon in the past few weeks but intend on getting back on track and getting it finished.

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