I’d love to know.

Do you ever want to ask a question but something keeps stopping you?
As a blogger what would you like to ask your readers?
Is there something you would like to know about your blog, your theme, or your writing but are too afraid what your readers might say, or are you just too shy to ask?

I got a comment on my blogs facebook page during the week, and it made me wonder.
What did I wonder?
I wondered why on earth anyone would read what I write?
Why do you read my posts?

I write about everyday, my life and my thoughts. ( The clue is in my blog title)
I’ve often written about my Dad, and of course more recently the journey of my young warrior,
through leukemia and bone marrow transplant, to all the complications which eventually took him from us.
I’ve also written stories about my nursing days and other more humorous posts.photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeflood/107839316/">Joe in DC</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/">cc</a>

Sometimes when I read one of the blogs that I follow I think to myself,
“Oh I love when they write about this?”.
So tonight I have plucked up the courage and I am asking you all,
what do you most like to read on my blog?
Please feel free to be honest. Is there a post you remember?
Have you any opinion?

I’m ready and waiting for your feedback.
As always thank you all so much for following and supporting me.
Some of you are with me from the start and others are new.
Trust me when I say I get a buzz every time someone reads or comments on a post.

But I do wonder.
Have you a post you remember?
What do you most enjoy reading?

photo credit: Joe in DC via photopin cc

51 thoughts on “I’d love to know.

  1. I’m a relative newbie to your blog but can I vote for ‘Born to be Bad?’ September 2013. This post resonates so much with me and I just love the way you talk about him and reflect.

    1. Thanks so much. I remember when I wrote that I was surprised it touched so many in different ways. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I so appreciate it.

  2. I follow your blog because I love your honesty and your perspective on the world. Whether you are writing about something deeply emotional or just the every day, I appreciate your willingness and ability to lay it all out for us without holding back. It’s beautiful.

    1. Thanks a mil. You are a great follower as you and I get to regularly interact. Thank you, I am trying to get some understanding on my writing and why anyone might like it.

  3. Death of children is hard for me to take but I can say most any of your posts are excellent – not that the ones about dying kids are not well-done. I’m a wuss – I get into suffering and then depression so I try not to go there. 🙂

    1. Ah Jackie I know they are not everyones cup of tea but this is my personal blog and at times I have to write it as it is. Here’s hoping I never again have to write as I have this year!
      I’m glad you stuck with me though despite the misery.

  4. I love your blog! When I see you have posted, I get so excited! 🙂 I like the way you think and envision that we could be fast friends if we lived in the same country/city. Your words paint a beautiful picture in my mind of what you are thinking and feeling. You can make me laugh and make me cry–all in the same post! Keep up the good work! I hope when my own blog grows up, it will be just like yours!

  5. I read your blog because you bring up the hard questions, and because you are so real and honest. I blog because I need a community like this one, where I can just be myself and be honest and open. I read other bloggers because I think that we somehow need each other.

    1. Thank you . i always enjoy your posts as I am never sure of what I’ll read. There is a great sense of community in blogging I have to agree.

  6. I read your blogs because they are refreshing, they touch the soul and are real. You have a lyrical way of writing that is very poetic. Your subjects are sometimes tough hitting, other times humorous, and other times just plain painful. But they are so real, the way you write is like you are talking to a friend. This has made so many people feel like they know you even if it is just your thoughts on a page.

    1. Thanks Charlene. Your comments are really helpful. As I commented to my brother on my facebook page I feel I am writing in the dark as I don’t know what attracts people to read.

  7. Of course, I would say keep writing your thoughts. What is in your heart. People respond to that. That’s what makes it so real and warm. My favorite..I scrolled down and stopped at “You’ll always be top of the Class to Me.” I love your lightness and authenticity all in one.

  8. I like your blog because it is well written and “real”. You’re talking about your life and things that are important to you. You give me a glimpse into your life. I enjoy reading about it. The one blog that stands out the most is the one when you interviewed your daughter for something. It was quite entertaining and I shared some of it with my mom.

    1. Thanks Dan. I’m hoping the new year allows a lot more of my humor shine on this blog! Thanks for picking a post I find it so interesting to know.

  9. I’m drawn to ‘real life’ writing. I love autobiographies. I love people who do the real life journal comics. And I love blogs where people write real things about real people living real lives. NOT the “reality” that you see on TV now a days that makes ‘real’ only ‘fake’.

    I love your nursing stories.
    I love your dad stories. Though I know the heart break of his disease, I love what you did for him. And that you remember him so fondly.
    I love your Little Warrior writing. Again, heartbreaking. But even in the heartbreak I read of the love and support for he and his family. And that is good life stories.
    I love your children stories.
    I love the way you are just…..real.

    And you share your thoughts. 😉

  10. Like other comments, I appreciate your honesty when you write. It.comes from the heart. The post that touched me most was when you apologized after you lost a patient. I was crying, because all you did was your best.

    1. Thank you. That was a post the topic of which will always haunt me. it was good to write it though as some of the comments have really helped me rethink it. It was, as are a lot of my posts, one I had not shared in life with anyone. Thanks for reading and commenting so often. I always enjoy you checking in and reading what you write in your blog.

  11. I agree with all the above. I love your honesty, your writing style, and I love the window into your inner world and daily life that this gives me. It takes me out of my own world, and into another. I like the variety too, sometimes past, sometimes present. Ones I’ve especially loved are from your nursing days, so tender and often funny too. I think that’s where your writing really shines!

    1. Thanks Lucia. From reading these comments I am getting a better understanding of what I am writing. Up to now I have just written. It is good to know some of what you all enjoy.

  12. I’m somewhat new to your blog, but what I appreciate most is your honesty and openness. Any blog that is written from the heart, immediately draws me in and that’s what yours did.

  13. i honestly have enjoyed it all, it seems like each post shows a side of you- nurse, rebel, comic, caregiver, mother, wife, a woman in her own right – all so open and each shows us the size and depth of your huge heart and kind spirit. )

    1. Thank you. I think these multi layer personalities are something we have within us all. I have a lot of bad qualities too but I don’t tend to advertise them!

  14. I enjoy the fact that you are in Ireland, writing as if you are my neighbor (in Florida). I like that there are so many similarities between your life and my own, once upon a time. You wrote about Daniel as if he were your own. I like how you use dialog between you and whomever….your children, especially. I imagine your Irish accent. It is a blog that helps me get away from my own blog written out of grief and sorrow over the loss of my son. I smile at your day to day encounters with your children or husband and cry with you over the child of a friend who is critically ill. I love people and love all kinds of people. I don’t always comment but I do always read.

    1. Thank you so much. It is lovely to know that you can enjoy my blog despite your grief. That is a great thing to know. I would be delighted to have made any of your days a little brighter. Thanks for reading. It means a lot to me.

  15. I’ve been hooked for a long time. I love the realness and sincerity of what you write – we follow your mood from one day to the next, which is as much a rollercoaster as real life for each and every one of us. I love your sense of humour and the good mummy vibes. My favourite post was the touching goodbye to your Doc Martens – still got them, I hope?

    1. I think we have a lot in common and often connect easily. I too loved that post (if I say so myself). Yes I do still have them but they are not getting out very much.

  16. Hey Tric,

    Ok this probably sounds corny, but I like you blog mainly because you seem like a very nice person. You’re very gracious with all your readers when responding to their comments. I read lots of magazine and newspaper articles every day, and to read one persons sole thoughts, unedited and pure is refreshing and a privilege really.
    Everything you write makes me think, even weeks later. Your experiences with the young warrior really affected me. I’m trying to live life with more enjoyment and stop worrying about what ifs and be grateful for what I have.
    I like when you write about motherhood most, but I’ll read anything you write! X

    1. Thanks Olivia. Your comment is so helpful. It sometimes freaks me out a little when I write something and then remember others will read it and what will they think. I’m glad you are enjoying reading, and it’s been great getting in touch with you too. Thanks again.
      Not too long now before your twins go mad at Christmas!

  17. I like to read about the hurdles you’ve come across….and prevailed! Sometimes you make me laugh, sometimes cry, and sometimes you make me just reflect on my own life. They are each a part of your whole story, but each time I read one, I feel I know you just a little more. You are a fascinating woman, with alot of insight into this world! 🙂 You know….I’d like to sit down over a glass of wine and talk about it! 🙂

  18. I’m a newbie to your blog, Tric, and thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. You write honestly, openly, humorously at times and always with compassion. Thank you for being here. And please forgive me when I forget to hit the ‘like’ button. I have a tendency to do that from time to time. Doesn’t mean I’m not reading them, though 🙂

  19. I wouldn’t want to try and pick out a particular favourite post. I like them all because of the way you tell them (as Frank Carson would say 😆 )

    You have a way of painting pictures with words. The writing is fresh, honest, sincere, and insightful

    [I’ll stop now before your head gets too big to fit through that door] 😆

    1. Thanks Duncan. You are too kind. I can hear my mother muttering in the background… “Bungfkindoodle” which is her way of totally ridiculing what someone is saying. Glad she never comments, I expect she’d say “I wont put them all past their notions!”. 🙂

      1. I will get him for part of the holidays. Good news though–he is coming back home to live with me at the first of the year!! I have been meaning to write a post to let everyone know. Thanks for asking after him! I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday! Much love to you!

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