Lifes roller coaster is paused for a Mc Donalds.

Where would we be without McDonalds?

Although I do have a small weakness,photo credit: searching4jphotography via photopin cc
for their chips and burgers,
on this occasion I am not speaking of their food.

My question refers to,
a young friend of mine,
who is in intensive care,
in a childrens hospital in Dublin.
He has fought leukemia since Christmas,
and luckily received a bone marrow transplant,
from an amazing young girl, a stranger in the USA.
All was looking wonderful for a while.
And then a virus took hold of my young friend,
and for weeks he battled.

We could do nothing to help.
His Mum and Dad had to keep hoping,
and try to stay strong,
as they watched their boy of thirteen years,
battle against a very strong foe.
We all feared what the outcome might be.

Can you imagine the night times?
As you would lay down to sleep,
what sadness, fears and worries,
would lay alongside you.

They were 200km from home.
Sleeping in a bed that was not their own.

It is at this point,
I give my first “Thank you” to Mc Donalds.
For when these weary parents did take time out,
it was to go back to,
a Ronald McDonald house.
A house which had been their “home” for four credit: <a href="">Yersinia</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a

A Ronald McDonald house,
is built on the hospital grounds.
It is for the parents and families of very sick children.
The houses operating costs,
are funded annually by McDonalds.
It is certainly not home,
but it is a bright comfortable place,
where volunteers come to cook meals,
and where families can chill out,
away from the ward or Intensive care unit.
They provide many of these houses worldwide.

As the weeks have gone by,
my friend has looked upon,
the faces decorating the walls of the house,
of the many children,
whose families have stayed there before her.

She has been desperate to believe,
that soon she would be able to leave those faces behind.

Just when we were all so tired,
and could not imagine,
how our little warrior could continue,
he lashed out again.
And this time it would appear,
it was a mighty blow.

He woke up.
His temperature disappeared.
All that was wrong,
began to go right.
And just when his mother,
could not be more pleased,
he said, “I’m starving”.
Nine weeks of famine was over.

And so we get to my second Thank you.
Later on today,photo credit: <a href="">yum9me</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
my young friend is allowed a McDonalds!
All outsourced food is banned,
as he is on a strict diet.
However a special order will be sent,
and his mother will pick up his “magic meal”.

We are still very cautious,
and we know we have a very long road ahead.
However for them this evening,
the horrendous roller coaster they have been on,
for the past ten months,
is paused.
Whilst an amazing young boy enjoys a much awaited McDonalds.

The simple pleasures in life!

photo credit: searching4jphotography via photopin cc
photo credit: Yersinia via photopin cc</a
photo credit:
yum9me via photopin cc

29 thoughts on “Lifes roller coaster is paused for a Mc Donalds.

  1. My son’s collecting soda can tabs to donate to Ronald McDonald house charities, we have a huge collection at them at home (my hubby drinks a LOT of soda) to give! They do wonderful things at those houses and I hope beyond hope your friend gets better soon!

    1. Well you can tell him how important it is to hand in those tabs as these houses really make such a difference. I suppose we have to thank your hubby too for drinking so much soda! πŸ™‚

  2. tric,

    I surely like this post. McDonald’s food is delicious, one of my favorites. When I was a student in Manchester, England, during early 80’s, there was only one McD in London, and I still recall bringing McD burgers, all the way from London to Manchester, and freezing them for future use. It was truly a delicacy for me then. During my visits to USA during those years, I survived on McD burgers & fries (and pizzas for a change). Calling fast food as unhealthy or junk food was not so trendy then, I suppose.

    I am impressed to note that McD is providing a great service through Ronald McDonald’s House. It’s noteworthy. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Love the idea that you brought your burgers home and froze them!
      Yes I did wonder did people realize that McDonalds do this, and have been doing so for 35 years! The house has really been the saving of these parents, as the alternative was very dreary and impractical.

    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry not to be able to accept your kind award as I just go so behind with awards and the guilt piled up. I do a weekly post instead called Freshly Impressed which is my way of thanking the blogosphere.
      Thanks so much for your kindness in nominating me though, I really do appreciate it.

    1. Yes hope is great, although I heard you had a special candle lit which along with others surely helped him. Thank you. I have just seen a wonderful photo of him tucking in to his meal! Nice to see you comment.

  3. Having spent many months hanging out at a children’s hospital myself, though luckily it was close to home at the time, I can say I’ve met lots of parents who have used the facilities of Ronald McDonald House. It’s an invaluable service indeed.

  4. I’m thrilled that the little man is better. I can’t imagine what his parents must be going through, they must be exhausted. Although I’m not a McDonalds fan at all (I worked there once, and I won’t touch the stuff now) I think their houses are a fantastic idea.

    1. Thanks. Its a bit too good to be true for us all. He came so close. There is talk of getting him out of ICU this week. Happy days. There is definitely a spring in all our steps over here. And then we stop and worry once more!.

    1. Thanks a million. We were so happy to see him enjoy his feast. Especially as up to a week ago he hadn’t eaten for about seven or eight weeks. Not a bite! I just wanted to balance the meal with the fact that Mc Ds do give back to their customers.

  5. i stayed there in new york city and it was a welcome and comforting place of respite during a very sad and challenging time with a young member of our family. when i came home, i volunteered at our local rm house, to give back to families for all they had done for me. i am so happy to hear the warrior is rallying and that he will have the special treat he desires. my heart is happy for all of you. )

  6. I’m so glad that his status has turned around to at least “stable”! That McDonald’s can be a cure all for about any kid.. And many adults:). Still sending positive thoughts and hugs your way for a fast recovery!

    1. Thank you. He is out of icu today, but must go back every few days. Still it will be great to be on a “normal” ward. How mad is it to call a childrens oncology ward “normal”. Such is the crazy journey they are on.

    1. Thanks Lorna, we hold our breath each day until we get news and then we breathe. Later in the day we do the same again. It is still very unpredictable but at least he has been on a better road lately.:)

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