Children are not just for Christmas!

Looking at gorgeous photos,
of new born babies and cute children,small__2119215272
can make any of us oooh and ahhh.
But a word of caution here,
just like puppies and kittens,
babies too grow up!

When we first set eyes on our newborns,
they are equivalent to cute pedigree puppies.
Tiny, perfect and highly photogenic.
However as the years pass by our babies grow up.
They find their own voice, their own taste in clothes,
their own friends.
Before we know it our pedigree child,
more closely resembles a mongrel breed.
A child only a mother could love!

The days where you bought cute baby clothes,
are now a far distant memory.
You would certainly not be overly impressed,
with the hoodies and tracksuits they favor,small__8514549438
or those jeans they wear,
which seem to be in dire need of a belt!

They demand to be fed and watered with never a thank you.
When they speak it is but a low, mumble.
They leave a mess everywhere they go.
The bathroom is like a war zone,
beauty products everywhere or the toilet in a state,
depending on the sex of your child.
The cleanest piece of equipment you possess is the bin,
definitely nothing is ever put in there.

Life with this species, known as teenagers,
is far from easy.
The cute puppy stage replaced,
by a non compliant taller, stronger animal.
Many days if you were honest,
you wonder at the wisdom of opening the door years before,
to allow one of these into your heart.

And then it happens.
Out of the blue your mongrel child
does something unexpected.
It may only last a second.
Others looking on would miss it.
To them it would hold no meaning.

It could be a hug or a smile.
Something achieved at school
that you didn’t dare dream of.
Or maybe it is as simple,
as a quietly mumbled “Thanks”.

You are taken aback.
The feelings of anger and frustration melt,
the mists of teenage mothering clear away.
Your heart skips a beat.
The sun shines.
And in that moment you clearly see your child.small_2652566556

Mongrel child! What mongrel child?
Yours is a top of the range Pedigree.

And all is forgiven!

photo credit: fikirbaz via photopin cc
photo credit: Tobyotter via photopin cc
photo credit: thekennelclub via photopin cc

15 thoughts on “Children are not just for Christmas!

  1. Fabulous! Just the title was enough to crack me up, and I wasn’t disappointed by what followed. Excellent summary of the teenager that reassured me just after Bigfoot glared at me in his loud underpants and shuffled off to…. the bathroom. Now waiting for transformation of 5’11 of mobile grunt into a Crofts specimen 😉 I wrote a post about teenagers called “Bigfoot; a guide to the teenaged male” – type it into the search box on my blog if you’re intereted in a read!

  2. Haha. I often think along these lines when we debate whether or not to have more children. Do we really want more kids? Or just more babies? Sigh. Another great post 🙂

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