The more things change, the more they stay the same!

This morning I was walking past my sons bedroom,
and for a moment I thought,
“I’ll kill him”.
Let me explain.
As his exams are so close,
I have been known to occasionally tidy his bedroom.
In part to be nice to him,
but also for fear he contracts some awful disease,untidy bedroom
and cannot sit his exams!
Well just two days after my tidying,
his bedroom was a sight,
no floor to be seen,
every drawer opened,
bed unmade,
and in need of window opening if you get my drift!

I have written before about this matter,
in a post titled “testosterone meets estrogen”,

As I was about to inwardly explode,
the phone rang.
It was my mum who very happily reminded me,
that he did not get this untidy trait from the water!

And so I began to remember.

Growing up I had dreamed of having a bedroom to myself.
For many years I shared with my three sisters.
However they eventually moved on,
and as a teenager my wish came true.
My own space to hang out.
My special room to sit in and not study!

My Mum helped me to kit it out beautifully,
and my Dad put up shelves and pictures.
It was a sight to behold.
I was so pleased and proud.
However within days I had it trashed.
Clothes everywhere,
drawers and wardrobe doors never closed,
and the bed left unmade.

Such was the state of my bedroom,
that once when I was fifteen,
we were burgled.
My parents were disgusted that I hadn’t noticed.
But drawers pulled out,
and clothes everywhere was nothing strange to me.

Moving on in time,
I have in my home the next generation.
They have ipods, computers and mobile phones.
Facebook and fake friends.
Their world is very different to the one I grew up in.
Yet are they different?

As I look around my house today,
Music of all sort blares,
I often hear a grunt instead of “Thank you”,
and my children all sleep in bedrooms that appear freshly burgled.

As I watch them study,
or get ready to go out to a party,
go to college,teens
or disagree with friends,
I see the self same joys, fears, hopes and dreams,
that I too once experienced.
I ponder today,
as I close the doors of their bedrooms,
that time changes everything,
and yet some things will always stay the same.
Some day soon they too will move on,
and hopefully produce the next generation.
I look forward to that day,
A day when I will be the mom on the end of the phone,
when I can point out that some things never change!

photo credit: juicyrai via photopin cc
photo credit: abhiomkar via photopin cc

24 thoughts on “The more things change, the more they stay the same!

  1. just wait till you find bodies amongst the debris on the bedroom floor when you walk in !

    as our house is on the main road into town and our youngest’s friends lived further afield, it made sense for them all to meet up at our house before heading into town to go clubbing

    in hindsight, we ought to have foreseen what would happen but in our naivete we didn’t

    the first time this happened, we were awoken about 4am on the Sunday morning by the dogs barking and the sound of No 2 son trying get them to shut up

    eventually, the house quietened again, apart from the bathroom door opening and shutting repeatedly – “he must have had a skinful”, I thought, “if he needs to pee so often”

    when it was nearing noon the next day and he hadn’t appeared out of his bedroom, the wife took him a cup of coffee for the hangover he was sure to be suffering from

    opening his bedroom door she found several bodies contorted on the floor, fast asleep, and the room filled with an unbearable stench – seems he and his friends had decided it made more sense to crash out at our house and get a bus to their homes later rather than pay the expense of a taxi home from the club

    this became a regular occurrence – the only thing that varied was the number of friends he invited back to stop over

    in time, though, we became quite skilled at deducing the number of bodies (and their sex) from auditory clues alone

    we counted the number of times the bathroom door opened and shut – which gave the number of people who had come back to our house

    and we counted the number of times these visits to the loo were accompanied by the toilet being flushed – which gave us the number of any girls amongst the crowd

    Holmes would have been proud of us! 😆

    1. Ha ha. Love the deducing the number of girls! We have had a couple of crash nights but thankfully nothing regular. Mind you my son has to really launch himself on the drink scene yet, I can imagine him being a bit less quiet. 🙂

  2. Oh, how I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I’m not the only one! My oldest actually broke down his bed so that he could have more room in which to create his art. You should see that room! 🙂

    1. I thought I had sent you a reply! What I had said was that you only have yourself to blame as he must have got his creative side from you.

    1. I do some days. You are a great source of encouragement and dare I say inspiration to me. I see your life as mine in a few short years. A blink of an eye and I will be more free. Thanks.

  3. So true! We tend to forget how it feels to be a kid too soon. Reading your article, I remember how I swore to myself never to forget about how I felt and thought as a child when I still was one – and to become a much better mum of course 😉 but sometimes you need to grow up to understand your parents and acknowledge they were right… As you said, some things will always stay the same.

    1. Thanks. You wont believe it but I showed your blog to my older kids to try to let them know that the world is out there, go find it!

        1. Oh dear, definitely it will be a challenge. I am a bit of a sloth myself and I sometimes feel challenged.

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