Summer holidays!

It is that time of the year again,
when everyone begins to talk about,
where they are jet setting off to for their holidays.

My kids come home daily,small_2563417399
listing the exotic places,
their friends tell them they are going to.
To say they are a bit jealous,
would be an understatement!

We have one daughter away at college,
and our son is hoping to follow her in September.
Up to now when the kids have asked about their holiday destination,
I have said,(only half joking),
“We are off to Limerick to look at your brothers accommodation!”

In anticipation of this cost,
for the past many years we have holidayed in Ireland.
Great holidays we had too,
but definitely not experiences our kids would proudly share with the jetsetters!

Now that the funding of two in college is imminent,
we have done the only thing we could do.
Last night we gathered the kids and announced,
“We have booked a holiday in Spain!”.

Yes some sort of madness has overtaken us,
we have decided to hell with it,
who cares about the cost,
Spain here we come!

Actually I have thought all that.
My husband is a bit quieter on the matter.

However I have assured him,
everything is a bargain.
We are lucky to get it so cheap.
Next week the price might rise!
We have managed to secure “cheap flights”
At least I hope they are!

If you watch don’t stop it at the applause, there’s more!

photo credit: via photopin cc

13 thoughts on “Summer holidays!

  1. This is really really hilarious!! I have to share this one 🙂

    Spain! When are you guys heading there? I’m actually off to Spain next week (even though I have nothing planned) :p

    1. Thanks I cant get enough of it. I think I will try to learn it for my new party piece! We are off to Alicante at the end of July. My youngest has already started her countdown calendar apparently it is 81 days! Enjoy your holiday.

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