Believe it or not?

Does Religion matter? Are you a happier person because you believe there is another life waiting, or because you believe this is the only chance you are getting? I’m not one for religion or an after life with Jesus or whoever, but every now and then I can appreciate what it is for others to … More Believe it or not?

Believe it or not?

Do you believe in miracles? Neither did I but then one Christmas two years ago this happened. It was the first Christmas after my friends young boy lost his fight against leukemia. I can tell you, that unlike some of the slightly exaggerated tales I tell here of my everyday life, this is a true story, … More Believe it or not?

Why? What can I say?

Last night my youngest daughter, asked me through tears, “why him?”. She had been told that, her school friends little brother, was very sick. He is five years old. Over the past ten months, my daughter has also watched another family, live the nightmare of having a very sick child. Thankfully that young boy, who … More Why? What can I say?

Have Faith?

I am aware that religion is very important to many. This post is not intended to insult anyone. It is simply my thoughts on a page! I did a post last week, “Miracle or coincidence” which has made me think. For many who read it, it proved without doubt that God is real. For others … More Have Faith?