Women Are Right?

When I was a child,
my greatest wish,
was to be a boy.
I would not wear dresses or skirts,small__3869960054
and liked nothing better,
than to go climbing or play football with the boys.

As the years went by,
I did grow into my female self,
and liked what it offered me.
However I always felt,
that girls were just as good as boys,
and railed against discrimination.
For years I believed,
that there were no differences,
apart from the physical.

Then I got married!
Even though I had had two brothers,
it was my husband who taught me daily,
how different men and women were.

Then we had a baby.
and those differences got a whole lot more obvious.

As a mother I felt I knew better,
how to rear our child.

I liked to dress her well,
He just believed in dressing her,
anything would suffice!
I liked to stick to routine,
he didn’t know how to even spell it.
I cried as I put away clothes she had grown out of,
He delighted at her getting bigger.
I liked her to be put to sleep in her cot,
he carried her around,
and regularly fell asleep on the couch with her.

As a new mom,
and someone not long married,
I found these differences very difficult.
I could not understand,
why he would not care about everything,small__6515469687
just as much as I did.
My way made sense.
I was sure I was right.

Time has passed.
Our children have grown older.
What they wear and how they sleep,
are no longer issues.
We continue to argue,
over our differences,
and now our children also become involved.

I put my argument forward.
And on many occasions,
would you believe it,
my own family,
do not agree with me!
Could it really be that I have been wrong all along?

photo credit: stefuhnee_kayy via photopin cc
photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

4 thoughts on “Women Are Right?

  1. I have learned that as a mother and a woman I am always right 🙂 However I have also learned that the men in my life just do things differently. As you also can see and acknowledge that our men do it differently that makes us right all the time… after all they are doing what we do only differently!

  2. We have the same setup over here. I marvel at the wife’s child raising knowledge. Were it left to me alone, they’d never have had diapers, seen a dentist, been registered for school, etc. Mom’s have some sort of innate something that dad’s just don’t have. It’s not fair to us, really.

    1. A great friend of mine died very young. Her husband was a farmer and a disaster with the kids, before she died. Within a year he was magic! Maybe we all have it in us.

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