What’s another year?

Thirty years ago today my world stopped turning with the words ‘Dad’s gone.’ A lifetime has happened since, I qualified as a nurse, Got engaged, Married, Became a mum, Miscarried, Became ‘Mum’ to three more children, Attended first days at school and graduations. Celebrated birthdays, Christmas’s and many different occasions, All without Dad. Thirty years … More What’s another year?

Missing you.

It’s twenty eight years since I hugged my dad. Twenty eight years since I saw his face, held his hand or kissed him. Twenty eight years since we said goodbye, But only moments since I last missed him. June 21st is Fathers day here in Ireland. Happy Fathers day dad. xxx As is now traditional … More Missing you.

My life in words.

Are there stand out moments in your life that you will never forget? A proposal, a sad goodbye, a happy result? Many memories from my past can be summed up in simple sentences which have lived on in my mind over the years. Occasionally I hear the voices of the past speak these sentences once … More My life in words.