There I am in the paper #42.

It’s been a hectic week. Yer man had a minor op, and in his haste to prove he was not sick and in need of no care whatsoever he decided to… Fix our phone…which wasn’t broken, but is now Mess with the modem…which left us four days without internet. However all is now good with … More There I am in the paper #42.

Who me?

I have four children and was there at the birth of each so am fairly sure they are definitely mine, however sometimes I look at them and wonder, ‘where did I get her?’ The other day one of my daughters was speaking about booking a holiday and it reminded me of how different I was … More Who me?

Love everlasting

Just a quick post tonight, but it’s a real treat. Please listen to this. It’s a beautiful song written and performed by Jess. The song is called Christmas’79. It is songwriting and singing at it’s best. Why you may wonder am I asking you to watch a random singer/songwriter? Well I’m not. This is Jess, … More Love everlasting