Freshly Impressed #1

Forget Freshly Pressed.
Instead I’d like to introduce you to “Freshly Impressed”.
These are a selection of posts,
which I, as an ordinary blogger “liked” on wordpress.
Posts that really moved me, or made me laugh.
Posts that have lived on past the initial read.

So here they are my first bloggers to be Freshly Impressed.medium_341866875

As this is the first edition,
I have not limited myself to my recent “likes”.
Instead I have gone back in time,
to those posts which I read some time ago and have not been able to forget.

My first is a poem,
from the blog Geo Sans.
It is a poem which I am sure you will agree, speaks for itself.
Here are the first few lines.

Be The Verb

when we lost

our son

we lost

each other


we were shells





Read the rest of this short but very powerful poem  here

There are two wonderful poems also on this site,
which for me follow on beautifully from this one.
As with all his poetry,
Each poem is only a few lines,
but as with the best poetry,
less is more.

Read them and you will I am sure agree.


My other recommendation is a post which was actually Freshly Pressed.
(Lucky her now she gets to be Freshly Impressed too!)
I do not often read the Freshly Pressed posts,
but for some reason I read this one and Wow!
The first few lines left me breathless.
She also wrote this post to pass on a message to others.
I would like to help her do this, by giving you a chance to read it.


In many ways I don’t know where to start this post, even though I know right where to end it.

Last Monday- Memorial Day- my 4 year old son drowned.

Those words comprise the most difficult and heart wrenching sentence I have ever written.

Have you ever read a more compelling first few sentences?
You can read the rest of this post on the blog Cullen’s Blessings.

Finally why not finish with some humor?
Cynical Daddy is a blog that never fails to make me laugh out loud.
My chosen post from this blog is “Tummy time makes me ill”.
Here are the opening lines.

Tummy time makes me ill.

On many occasions I’ve been allowed to be left to my own devices. You know I can actually feed myself and wash myself and a couple of times I’ve cooked too, but there is always a take away on speed dial if I feel I might expire. So, babysitting…..? Pah, yes I can do that!

According to my wife however I’m not doing it right!

For a good laugh read the rest of this post here

So there it is my guide to some really good reads.
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did,
and that you too will be Freshly Impressed by them.

By the way if anyone out there is talented enough to come up with some sort of,
Freshly Impressed graphic I would be delighted,
as I would like to make this a regular feature.
Of course you would get credit and loads of exposure for your talent!
(Perhaps that is a little bit of a white lie, but I would credit you here, and I would be so grateful).

Until next time. Happy reading.


photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via photopin cc

29 thoughts on “Freshly Impressed #1

    1. I hope you were pleased. I meant to let you know before I posted but life got in the way, in the way of visitors, so I am sorry I did not get the chance to notify you in advance. As you can gather I really like your writing.

  1. Good to see a second one of these opening up. I’ve heard of “Freshly Pegged” which is done by a humor blogger and now we have one for poetry.

    (Incidentally, I am not a poet. I do some occasional “poetry,” but nothing really serious…)

    1. This is for any post not just poetry. I myself do not write poetry. I just write in this style for easy reading. (Check out my about page for more) I did a post a week ago about awards and this idea was born.
      I think it can be difficult to find the time to read a lot of posts so I thought it would be great to have some “recommended”.
      i am glad you liked the idea and I hope if you check these out you will enjoy them
      Thanks also for the comment and visit. .

  2. B*gger, b*gger, b*gger !

    Damn you, tric !

    Just read ‘Cullen’s Blessings’ – such a harrowing tale, I was an emotional wreck reading it

    Despite the early hour, I feel the need of a dram now to man up

    [Thankfully, there was no-one here to see my tears] 😳

    1. I know it had that effect on me too! What a story, and written so soon after you could feel the raw emotion! We are such an educated generation yet so many still do not know basic first aid.

    1. Yes that is something I have really noticed about blogging. Bloggers are very generous with their time and knowledge. They are also v good to share. I have been greatly influenced by others to do the same. Hope you enjoyed them. Welcome home again.

  3. I read Cullen’s blessings. I couldn’t finish the post…. Too much emotion. I need to compose myself before continuing. Great shares, I will need time to go through each one.

    1. Yes that story is written so well and filled with raw emotion. It’s worth going to the end though. Glad you enjoyed them.

    1. You are welcome. Your blog always makes me laugh. Keep blogging. Just read your return from holiday post, you are one brave man, a frying pan is too gentle for you!

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