End of an era.

So today I closed a door on a large piece of my life, something I’ve been connected with for many years.

As I drove away I was acutely aware that it was over.

But just like it can be hard to finish a great book, we all know that it must end and so it did for me today.

Yet, with every ending comes a beginning and I’m looking forward to the next stage in my life.

As it happens that trip I wrote about the other day, to Donegal, is happening tomorrow. Can you believe it, I wait 27 years to return and the exact weekend I do coincides with a heat wave arriving!

Life goes on, and I intend to enjoy every day of it.

Donegal, I hope you’re ready!

17 thoughts on “End of an era.

    1. Oh dear, I’m afraid not. We are getting all excited in the hope the temperatures might reach 19 C. BUT this is Donegal. There is always a really good chance of rain in Donegal, but hopefully not this weekend.
      I’ll put up a few photos next week so you can see if the sun shone.

  1. Hope you all have a most wonderful time as I am sure you will . So many physical changes with all the β€˜new’ houses but the hearts of those you meet remain the same. And don’t forget the factor 50!

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