Storm Ophelia…I’m ready.

Apparently we here in Ireland will be slap bang in the middle of Storm Ophelia tomorrow.

Up to a few days ago we were pretty oblivious to whoever Ophelia was and whatever she was doing but it would appear she is not impressed by our ignoring her. She has turned red and tomorrow is calling by.

Oh my goodness the excitement! The whole country is now expert on tropical storms. Twitter has gone into meltdown and facebook is full of doom and gloom. We are being told the country can barely remember a storm like this. We must take it seriously, batten down the hatches, stay indoors and secure any bins and debris outside. We need to locate candles in case of electrical faults and all schools in the danger zones have been canceled.

We are of course listening, but I suspect the majority are a little like myself,photo credit: xpressx <a href="">WATCHING THE TV</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

“Ah, It’ll be grand.”

However, despite my laissez faire attitude I have been diligent in my preparations today and heeded every warning. I am confident we are well prepared here,

PJs…at the ready.

DVDs and Netflix…all sorted.

Food…we have chocolate.

Drink…wine in the fridge.

Fingers crossed it’ll not be as bad as predicted.

I’ll keep you posted.

photo credit: anttilipponen Hurricane Lee 2017 09 27 via photopin (license)

photo credit: xpressx WATCHING THE TV via photopin (license)

25 thoughts on “Storm Ophelia…I’m ready.

  1. You could garble the words to bottle of wine! The fireballs ” bottle of wine”. As chocolate (pronounce poorly as choc’late) we’re fine! Chocolate! We’re fine! Chocolate. we’re fine! Waitin’ for it to blow o’er Checkboxes the lists now it can blow and piss – wine movies and snacks til it’s o-ver.

  2. Stay safe. After the hurricanes here in the US, I would certainly take it seriously!

    Glad you’re prepared. I’m sure the wine will keep you in a positive state.

        1. This one was called storm Ophelia and as it was new to us we were told she was an ex hurricane. Of course twitter exploded with ” blame the break up”

  3. after calling in at yours, Met office has advised Ophelia will be giving us here in Brum a wee visit – warning us to expect power outages, loss of cell phone signal, flying debris, and disruption to transport

    following your example, have done quick inventory check . . .

    3 bottles x malt scotch whisky
    4 bottles x blended scotch whisky
    1 bottle x Jamieson irish whiskey
    1 bottle x scotch liqueur whisky

    2 dozen x vegetable samosas in fridge (from batch I made yesterday)
    2 packets Thai sweet chilli crisps in cupboard

    that should see me through the worst Ophelia can throw at me

    we Celts know how to deal with life-threatening situations! 😆

    1. I like your thinking Duncan. I see we share similar priorities. I now have to stock up again to get through tomorrow because school etc cancelled again tomorrow due to damage and my gang staying home.

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