Ireland if only you knew what my family has done for you.

Throughout history there have been so many,
who have done so much for my small nation.
However as I sit here today,
I wonder will my country ever really know,
the sacrifice my family has made for it.

Let me explain.

For the past two years or more,
I and my fellow Irish countrymen,
have wept tears over the lack of Summer
we have experienced here in Ireland.

There has even been some who told us,
it would be at least ten years,
before we would ever again experience a warm and sunny summer.

The country despaired.
The rain continued to fall.

The months supposed to be Summer arrived,photo credit: <a href="">Mooganic</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
and it was necessary to explain to my youngest about Summers of old.
A time when we went to the beach and wore swimsuits,
not jumpers and coats.
When we played outside all day,
and our skin changed colour.

It was all very hopeless.
The country was depressed.

Then one day,
a simple family from Cork changed everything.
This family managed to cheer up an entire nation,
and put Summer back on the calendar.

How you ask?

Well this family had had enough.
Enough rain.
Enough trips to the beach wearing coats.
Something had to be done.

This family sat down and made a decision.
They decided to change a tradition of many years.
To sacrifice the planned holiday at home,
with its potential for days of rain,
and book a family holiday in sunny Spain.

And guess what?
From the moment the money was transferred,
and that holiday paid for,
the sun appeared.
Not only that but the temperatures are record breaking,
and surprise surprise, it would appear Summer is here to stay!

As I sit indoors avoiding that selfsame sun,
in the coolest room in my house,
I marvel at the fact we,
one small seemingly insignificant family,
were willing to give so much for their country.
sunny allihies
As I said before,
others in our history have laid down their lives,
to fight for our freedom.
I and my family have gone one step further,
we have clicked a mouse,
handed over the money,
and given our country a Summer to remember.

We are indeed, unsung heroes of our day.
Ireland I am sure if you knew you would salute us.

photo credit: Mooganic via photopin cc
photo credit: jm whalen via photopin cc

34 thoughts on “Ireland if only you knew what my family has done for you.

    1. Thank you! A most patriotic family. It is of course proof positive of Murphys Law. As soon as we decide to fork out for a holiday abroad, the best Summer in years arrives. 🙂

  1. It’s not just Ireland you’ve burdened with this oppressive heat

    Here in Brum, my dogs are splayed out, panting, arms and legs in the air, on the cold kitchen tiles trying to get cool

    And I’ve spent a great deal of money today on beer to quench a terrible thirst brought on my this unseasonable weather (sunny days in summer – whoever heard of such a thing?)

    Please stay at home next year. Your holiday abroad is costing me too much money !

    1. So sorry Duncan. I had no idea our sacrifice would have such long reaching consequences. How awful for you to have to buy extra beer!

    1. Glad to hear I made you laugh. I have your post in my reader. I am waiting for peace and quiet here to read it. Did you manage the Freshly pressed topics okay?

  2. Fantastic. I wasn’t quite expecting that – thanks for the giggle! It is much like us here in Texas. It can literally be pouring rain at my house and 3 doors down it is dry and sunny. 2 hours later it can be the opposite! If we need rain, I can just wash my car and inevitably it will rain shortly thereafter.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. The funny thing is that here we think every other country in the world has great weather.It is only as I have begun blogging that I have come to see it is not so. Ah well at least we will have a good base on our white skin by the time we head off in three weeks, and of course we have improved the life of all our countymen!

    1. Thank you. Are you living abroad? If so it is safe to come home for the next few weeks anyway! Will be checking in with you regularly. I have enjoyed what I read so far.:)

      1. I live in the States 😦 but would love love to go to Ireland and see where I started so to speak. Again, wonderful thing that you have done 🙂 and thanks for keeping up with me as well!!

    1. I am sitting once again in the coolest room in my house. I think I will be packing a lot of books for my holiday as despite having dark skin I am not the most tolerant of the sun or heat! Mind you we definitely do not want rain!

  3. Wow, you’re really racking up the awards, aren’t you? At least you’re sharing this one with your family. 😉

    Hey, if you want summer heat, I’ll package up a box of our 112 degree (F) weather and ship it to you! We went to the coast last week while the temperature soared to 117. It’s usually hot here, but not that hot. We haven’t had a real winter in a few years. Maybe we could trade?

    Loved this!

    1. Oh I think I would shrivel up and die in that heat. It is 75F here and I can barely function!
      However you can definitely have our winter, even a few weeks of it. As usual I am nothing if not generous. 🙂

      1. That’s what I love about you – there are so many admirable qualities. I’m telling you, there’s a young lady who desperately needs your mentoring. 😉

  4. Wonderful Team Membership Award is yours for being a wonderful member of the blogging family. And for causing the sun to shine. It’s glorious here. If I’d known last year how to inspire the sunshine, I would have paid for your holiday abroad!x

    1. Thank you, and thanks a million for the award. I have popped by to acknowledge it on your own site.
      I will remind you of your kind offer re our holiday abroad next year. The weather though is out of this world at the moment. We are all in such party moods!

      1. I’ve finally sought refuge indoors. When the sun appears I’m so glad and desperate, I overdo it. Thanks for the weather and you’re welcome for the award.x

      1. We had one summer that it was sooo hot and sunny and beautiful…and then every time we made plans…swimming, cookout, fair….yeah it poured, and not just a little…oh no it was a real frog strangler!

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