Who will you be remembering?

I read that today is World Cancer Awareness day. Does anyone who has been touched by cancer need such a day? Is there anyone’s life who has not been touched?

So here is some of those I will be thinking of today:world cancer awareness day

Charles,Charles, Molly, Kathleen, Marian, Ger, Florrie, to mention but a few, and of course the young warrior himself who fought so hard and touched many of your lives here, Daniel (13)

All were much loved by so many and will be forever missed.

It’s also good to remember today those who have fought and won, thanks to early detection and improving treatments.

No I don’t need a day to remember Cancer, but it’s good to remind ourselves that the battle is ongoing and if we are ever to win we must give not only to cancer charities but to research.

I heard a specialist speaking recently and he believes the children born today will be the first generation who will not experience chemotherapy as we know it.

How amazing a thought is that?

Feel free to add your own loved ones in the comments. May they all rest easy.

15 thoughts on “Who will you be remembering?

    1. I am so sorry about your two friends. Last week! Your grief must be very raw. It’s so very hard saying goodbye.
      I’m really sorry for your loss.

  1. Hi Tric, I agree with you that we don’t need a day to remember those we have loved and lost to cancer as they are in our thoughts every day. Today, my heart goes out to people who have just been diagnosed and who don’t know what lies ahead for them. I just hope they can find a way to cope with the inevitable fear and panic and cling onto the wonderful thing called H O P E. xx

  2. I really, really hope that is the case….regarding our children not having to experience chemo the same way.
    Remembering both my grandparents, and all of my husbands aunt and uncles.

  3. My friends Lisa, Maureen, Mark, and Lynn, my aunt Nancy and myself. No, we don’t need a day to be reminded. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t been touched by a loved one having cancer.

  4. I agree with April directly above me in the comment thread. I think every family must have been touched by cancer. In my own family, my poor uncle died lost his fight with lung cancer a few years ago. He lived just long enough to see his daughter’s wedding.

  5. My Dad, my granddads, my friends who survived and people I know who didn’t. But my Dad most of all, taken far too soon: he may have been 81, but he was younger than many 51 year olds and I miss him every day x

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