There comes a time…

There comes a time…
when we realise our once tiny babies have outgrown their newborn clothes. With regret we set them aside, and marvel at how quickly they’ve grown.

There comes a time…
photo credit: bananaana04 via photopin cc
when we watch our little ones take their last feed, breast or bottle, and we begin to understand the tug to our hearts that is parenting.

There comes a time…
when we must bid the cot goodbye, and with mixed emotions kiss our child goodnight for the first time in a big bed.

There comes a time..
when we buy their first school bag and with an aching heart leave them in someone elses care, as their school days begin.

There comes a time…

when there is no rush to welcome you home, no bed time story to be read, no night time visitor to your bed.

There comes a time…
when school days end, and we find ourselves sitting at a graduation, wondering at the tall confident student who barely looks in our direction.

There comes a time…

when our children spread their wings and fly the nest, leaving us with the echoes of parenting ringing in our credit: he-sk via photopin cc

Today I looked around our garden at the empty swing, and heard the many rows of bygone days. I stepped back in time to listen to the squeals of delight as little ones slid down the slide, and turning, my gaze lingered on the climbing frame, as I pictured, clear as day, happy faces perched on top.

My husband was also in the garden obviously not hearing or seeing all that I did. Innocently he asked, “Do you think we should get rid of the swing and climbing frame?”
Without hesitation I replied,

“No…now is not the time”.

photo credit: he-sk via photopin cc`
photo credit: JonathanCohen via photopin cc
photo credit: bananaana04 via photopin cc

34 thoughts on “There comes a time…

  1. Beautiful write. There is a handmade wooden playhouse in my backyard that I cannot bring myself to take down. It has been repurposed as storage. I attached a window sill flower pot to the window. All is well.

    1. Phew I am so glad to know I’m not the only one, (nearly said eejit, sorry). I am not sure my kids are even able to imagine us getting rid of them either.

      1. Yeah, I interpreted it as him sayin’..the swings are graaaaaaand for another while. Some folk seek out holy books and big brains for answers; I just go straight to Neil and he’ll see me right 🙂

    1. Its wonderful. I loved when they were little ones, but now a lot of the ‘difficult’ teenage years are over I am so enjoying life with my gang. Enjoy it all, When you look back you will be amazed how quickly it passed (except for the sleepless nights which seem to go on forever)

  2. Aw Tric, you’ve me bawling. It’s a sad truth though. I will for the days when I am not wanted and pulled out of 24/7 by little people but as that time get closer the more I get scared and don’t want it to happen. I know I’m gonna feel so lonely x

    1. It’s a bit lonely at times Yaz, but so lovely to see them enjoying life with a future ahead of them. Not to mention getting a life of our own back!

  3. it’s all so hard at times, to clearly see the passage of time in so many subtle ways. i say keep it for the grandies you’ll have one day, and it can start all over again )

  4. Beautiful poem, Tric. It’s so sad and so wonderful to have guided and loved children into adulthood. Our jobs are well done when they leave our homes for happy lives. But it isn’t easy to let them go.

    1. Yes it can seem like an endless series of goodbyes, but I must say I’m enjoying seeing the young adults emerge from their childhood. Sigh….

  5. Scanning the comments, I see Beth and I are thinking alike. Your grandchildren will need a place to climb and play. Might as well be at grammie’s house.

  6. It really goes by too fast. I;m not looking forward to all of “those times” you just mentioned. It’s hard to watch it go by in a blink, isn’t it?

    1. Yes it is indeed hard at times, but there are also many lovely new experiences and the changing relationship is wonderful, no longer dealing with cross, crying unpredicable little ones, but mature, thought provoking young adults who actually care about you too.

    1. I can’t imagine what it is like to have the contrasts in your life, your eldest child who is growing up and the little one who will be forever a child. I read your fb update today and was very choked for you. Thank you.

    1. Hi stranger, lovely to hear from you. Might have known you are similarly afflicted. Hope the college year went well and all is good in your world.

  7. Beautifully written. It is hard to let go, but you have a lifetime of memories. My oldest is 43, the youngest is 32, and I still feel the pull back to their younger years, with the backdoor slamming as they run out to play. I still feel little fingers in mine as we take our walks. I guess there’s a part of us that never does let go.

    1. I am so happy to read this. It is lovely to imagine I will never forget the days which have passed, and will continue to experience them for years to come. They were great days, but today is good to.

    1. Yes I was actually thinking that exact same thing recently when I noticed a friend of mine drift away, and I saw great sadness in her eyes for a while, before she returned to the group laughing and joking as if she had never left.

  8. Aw Tric this is lovely and bittersweet. I’m only at the beginning of my parenting journey and I can’t even imagine a day when we will be at a graduation or with an empty nest but I know how fast time goes and it will happen sooner than I think. Thankfully we are still at the cot stage but not for much longer, I will cherish that for this stage for remaining time we have left of it. Beautiful words as always 🙂

    1. Thank you Louise. Yes I think parenting is similar to youth. When we are young we don’t appreciate what we are experiencing, the same is true for being a parent of young children.
      Luckily I had four children so by the time my youngest was moving on I was well aware of how quickly time slips away.
      Enjoy your little one, the hugs and kisses, for in time that is what you will remember and miss most.
      Having said that it’s not all bad. I love my nights out, sleeping at night and having wonderful meals full of chat and fun with my growing young adults and their friends with the ‘I can rule the world’ attitude.

  9. Nicely put, Tric. I’ve been through these. And the marriage stage and the babies. Ooooh the grandchildren. Then it all begins again. Tell your husband to keep those swings in good shape. They will be used again!

  10. Lovely post, Tric, and I’m really feeling it now as our daughter is officially a college graduate. 🙂 Three more years for our son and I still feel like I’m 25! I will admit though that I have a box full of their cute little outfits when they were little that I just couldn’t part with. Who knows where that box will end up but for now it’s safe in the closet. Cherish each moment, each day, each new phase of life…♥

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