Please enter password to read this post.

Last night I was reading Mad Hatters post on passwords, and it reminded me that I am mad. The cross mad, not the loola mad. Mad at modern technology and how complicated everything is. In the past few months I have signed into WordPress, Itunes, some sort of photo cloud on my phone, paypal and gmail, and at some time forgotten every single password.

Every time it is the same scenario. I would like to view something on my phone…

Please enter Apple id.

Feck, didn’t know I had an Apple ID.

Mmmm I’ll try my only password I can ever remember. It was one of the original ones I chose when the world first got complicated and began to guard entry to credit: <a href="">@davestone</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Incorrect password or email.

You see that drives me wild straight away. Which is it? Password or email?

I try putting in a 1 in front of it.

Incorrect password or email.

I try beginning with a capital letter.

I try both.

Incorrect password or email.

‘Feck it, feck, feck, feck.  Ah for fecks sake, I shout at that box, feck you and your stuipid feckin passwords’.photo credit: <a href="">momentcaptured1</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Sadly this draws the attention of my family, who all have various different attitudes to my frequent password forgetfulness.

‘Ah Mom, says one daughter calmly, forgot your password again?’.

‘Mom did you curse?’ says my youngest.

‘Mom, you’re one big eejit, says another daughter.

Lastly enters my son, ‘Mom, I can’t believe it. Don’t tell me you forgot your password again? I told you to write it down. Why didn’t you. For Gods sake I warned you. How many passwords is this you have lost?’ Blah, blah, blah,blah he continues, as my eyes glaze over and my ears hear only white noise.

Eventually, when the noise ceases, I turn to him. ‘Whoops, looks like I’m locked out again. I really can’t believe I don’t remember that last password. It was so easy’.

‘Mom, every time you get a new password you say that’.

‘Ah will you stop, look at all the mistakes you made when you were small and I was always there to help you. I didn’t forget it on purpose’. I say, knowing this works every time.

‘Okay Mom, I’ll help you set it up again, but this time write it down’. Success, I think to myself.

‘Ah you’re great, I say and I hand over my phone to him while walking away to my laptop’.

‘Mum pay attention, you should be doing this yourself’.

‘I’m only over here, sure I can see you perfectly’.

Eventually after much button pressing he looks up. ‘Okay mom ,your new password, what will it be?’.


‘Mom you cannot use that, I’ve told you a million times’.

Eventually after much discussion, he allows some ridiculous password that resembles a code the Pentagon would use.

‘You happy with that Mom?’.

‘Delighted, I say, bored to tears by the whole thing and having lost the desire to get into what ever it was I was gaining entry to’

‘Okay, now we’ll enter the new password and you’re in’.

As he does so we magically gain entry and I hurriedly take back the phone. Instantly I am hooked once again on what ever it was I wanted to look at all that time ago, I become engrossed with what I’m doing. In the far distance I hear him.

‘Mom! Are you listening?. Write that password down now’.

‘Ye, ye will do. I’ll put it in my phone contacts. Thanks sweetheart, you’re the best’ I say totally distracted by my phone.

As he walks away muttering I really do have every intention of writing down the password, but time marches on and despite my conviction that this time I’ll never forget, within a week or two……

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photo credit: @davestone via photopin cc
photo credit: momentcaptured1 via photopin cc

14 thoughts on “Please enter password to read this post.

  1. 🙂 Tric, you are very funny! I take a combination of names and dates for the key and on top of that, each website has an added few letters. I know some folks that click on “Forgot Password” and enters a new one each time. This was funny. 🙂

  2. I’m with you! I can never remember. I have them all in one email written down in a code that only I understand… God help me if I can’t figure out how to sign into my email!

  3. my strange password
    I’ve had it for five straight years
    but my mind can never recall
    or verbalize
    the same garbled numbers and letters
    my fingers typed it
    for 5 straight minutes
    for 21 straight days
    muscle memory

  4. My passwords became so unmanageable between work and home. I created a word document that I have them all listed on. It has grown to two pages with the smallest readable font possible. I saved it in my drop box account which I can access from all my devices so if I forget one of them (all of them 🙂 ) I can access it easily on my phone. It has come in handy a number of times. Best of wishes for your password challenges.

  5. this is so funny. and true. i totally identify with this, including my children’s response to my response to all this password mayhem. great post, tric.

    1. Have you your email? There should be a link for forgotten password. Follow that link and they will email you a new one. You can use that to get you back in and then you can change it if you wish. It’s easier to do it on a laptop or PC than on a small screen.
      I feel you are a kindred spirit on this one!

  6. Oh dear. This has happened to me so many times. I used to use the same password for everything but unfortunately I have had my eBay and email accounts hacked and had to change them. I am learning to write things down.

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