Mini Passing of Time

As many of us have opinions on the couple who refused to adopt their surrogate baby boy because he has Downs Syndrome, but took his ‘perfect/normal’ sister, I’d like you to read this post. It is written by a mom to a three year old little lady who happens to also have Down syndrome. It is a beautiful read.

Recently I read a great post by the wonderfully witty Mind the Baby, where she gave the ultimate piece of parenting advice. It got me thinking. If there was one bit of advice I would give to parents,what would it be? Then I started thinking about parents like me,whose kids have Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities. And the one thing that stood out for me was this-

Time. You need to give it time, and not only to give yourself time to get used to the idea that your child has what society calls “special needs” but also to not be too weighed down by the passing of time. Yes,your child may not walk before the age of 4,may not speak before the age of 7,may not be potty trained before the age of 11,but it will happen.Someday,after months,if not years of waiting and hoping and praying and a…

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