Did you have a bad day?


Today was one of those days, when I and “Fed up” walked along together.
I didn’t want her company but she wouldn’t leave.
She came unannounced last night,
and she woke me many times with her moaning.

When morning came she was still sitting there,
waiting beside me.
I was tired and weary,
Her perfect companion.

I yawned and sighed throughout the day,
and she enjoyed our conversation.
“I’m fed up”, “The weather is crap”,
“I wish you’d all leave me alone.”

Then I looked at your picture,photo credit: searching4jphotography via photopin cc
and the guilt was awful.
As you smiled back at me,
I thought of your mom.

“Fed up” was not impressed,
as in tears I remembered your short life.
I turned around and with a few sharp words,
showed “Fed up” the door.

It is evening time now and I am happy to say,
there is no sign of her coming back.
I have a new friend here,
who is been much better company.

He’s called “Cop on”,
and in his company I smile.
I look at my children, happy and healthy,
and I do as he says.

I cop on.

In case “cop on” is an expression which doesn’t cross the ocean well, here in Ireland it means “Get a grip”, or “Look at how lucky you are”. In simple terms I suppose it means, count your blessings.

photo credit: searching4jphotography via photopin cc

35 thoughts on “Did you have a bad day?

  1. I’m glad you explained ‘cop on.’ My husband sill sometimes laugh like mad then he will tell me about an old Peruvian joke and I don’t get that either. It’s like the human race; we are all part of the human race but not part of the immediate family. 🙂 As usual, lovely post.

    1. Phew. I did that at the last minute, as when we speak we forget we don’t really share a common language in so many ways.
      Now you are a little more understanding of us Irish. You can tell your family to “cop on” when they are annoying you, as that is another way we would use it, as if to say, “stop your messing”.

    1. It’s a great expression and not one which makes me feel annoyed, not like when someone says “calm down” or “chill”. they just put me into orbit.

  2. Get up the yard Tric, you’re a real howl – put that in your pipe and smoke it – explain your way out of that – if I had a smiley I’d put it here!

    1. Ha ha. I only remembered at the last minute that you lot over there might not know what this meant and I could imagine what you and others might have come up with as an explanation!
      I really am expanding your language. You’ll have no bother speaking to those new buckos you’re policing these days. 🙂

  3. Lovely post and love that you can seperately away the feeling of Fed Up and make it distinct from you, will adopt this approach, especially with early morning wake ups, will banish Fed Up and embrace the small ball of gorgeousness who’s waking me x

  4. Aw.. don’t be too hard on yourself Tric. Funny how the comments turned round to sayings etc.. Tried to teach my kids to say ‘what about ye!’ like they say in Belfast. It sounded like they were speaking in Japanese!

    1. Thanks Olivia. I love the way sometimes that a comment begins a whole new thread. My parents and cousins are from Donegal, and we had very strong northern accents until we went to secondary school.
      My friend was stunned one time when she came to Dublin with me and the minute the front door of my home was opened I changed my accent.

  5. Its so great when we have those aha moments… The ones that make us have to reflect on our own lives and the beauty within it. I guess we are all handed things in life that we abhor, but its wonderful when we are given the gift of vision. Hugs to you while your missing your little friend so badly, and cheers to you for enjoying the life that you have!!:)

    1. Yes Tia that’s the thing. I suspect very like yourself when I am enjoying life, I really enjoy it knowing how lucky I am in many ways.

  6. A graduate of the “school of hard knocks” I rarely allow “fed up” to visit anymore! I love the companionship of “cop on” tho – he’s a great guy and one I choose to keep company with most often.

    Thanks for reminding us, Tric!

    1. Oh I’m so glad you have met my pal “cop on”. It can be hard to get rid of Fed up but once she’s gone life is much easier.

    1. Thank you so much. You are really kind. You know yourself, sometimes there are just days like that. But thank goodness they move on.

  7. Good on ya, Tric. You’re the best 🙂 Fed up has a role to play, otherwise we’d never notice Cop on when he turns up to boot his nemesis out. I had a pretty pooey day too, if it’s any consolation… But as you say, life has a great habit of tapping you on the shoulder and showing you that it’s time to… COP ON. Big hugs xoxo

    1. Thanks. Yes I think you’d be a happy freak if we didn’t allow others to “visit”. As long as I know when to show them the door.

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