Can I share my husband with another?

He is so fickle,small_3681493009
In what seems like no time at all,
I can clearly see,
he has moved on.

I am no longer the first thing on his mind each morning,
or the last thought he has before he sleeps.
I wonder if in fact, I figure at all,
in the minutes or hours between.

I remember the early days,
when I was his source of joy,
and time spent in each others company,
seemed to be at odds,
with the time we saw on the clock,
speeding along at an alarming rate.

Now I see that the small moments I ask of his time,
are an annoying interlude.
They are what must be done,
so that he can, with less guilt,
make contact with “her”.

He doesn’t know it,
but I have watched him with her,photo credit: <a href="">pedrosimoes7</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a
I have seen his face light up,
the way he looks at her,
and how carefully and lovingly he holds her.

This morning he let his guard down,
and almost forgot to kiss me goodbye.
I crumbled inside,
asking myself quietly,
the questions I dare not ask aloud.
Is he pushing me away?
Has he only room in his heart,
for his young blonde bombshell?,

In over twenty years,
I have never doubted his love.
I thought we had something special.
I was wrong, and the old saying,
“no one is irreplaceable” comes to mind.

I will have to face the truth.
Four children and time have taken its toll.
I cannot give him what she can.
I will have to decide,
“Can I share him?”

Because I know without doubt,
I cannot compete with her.
Could you?

photo credit: Kevin Eddy via photopin cc
photo credit: pedrosimoes7 via photopin <a

19 thoughts on “Can I share my husband with another?

    1. Our top of the range pedigree ( almost) pooch is no squirrel! Ha ha. I knew you, and others mind would be in the gutter. You never disappoint Mr FP! πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you liked it. Sadly it is true. Our puppy we have had for one week has definitely moved onto my turf! And my husband doesn’t even like dogs normally.

  1. She is beautiful…but lets get back to the real question…is that the fingers of your right hand… Again? :). Way to make us feel sentimental and sad…then show us that silly dog πŸ™‚ I’m just glad she isn’t wearing a sweater!

    1. She has definitely stolen his heart. We had two dogs for sixteen years and I rarely even say him pet them even though they were indoor pets. Then this little, non macho beauty appears and he is completely smitten.

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