Look out America, here they come!

Next weekend,
Sunday to be precise,
my eldest daughter,
will flee the nest which we call home.
She will get on a plane,
and head to the USA.

Imagine, my child,
my most precious,
will be nearer some of you who blog,small__6824910764
than to her own family!

In reality she is just one,
of the thousands of Irish students,
who migrate each year,
to far away shores,
for the Summer holidays.

They tell us they are going there to work,
but we were once their age,
and we know, that whilst they will of course work hard,
they will play very hard also.
Look out America!

Since my children were babies,
I have spoken to them about moving away.
“Go and see the world”, I advised.
“I had some of the best days of my life in Australia”,
I have told them.
“We will still be here when you return”, I said often.

Well who would have guessed,
despite all evidence to the contrary,
that one of my children was actually listening to me!

This weekend is bittersweet.
My daughter is in the best of form,
and filled with excitement.
I look at her in her bedroom,
music blaring,
clothes everywhere,
and I make a real effort,
to photograph that image in my mind.
So that soon,
when her room is quiet and empty,
I can fill it again,
with the picture I have hidden away.

I cannot believe this time has come.
It seems no time at all,
since I left my own home,
to see another part of the world.
I was only two years older than my daughter,
when I said “Good bye” to my mum and family.
I am conscious too,
that that was the beginning of the end,
of my life in the house of my childhood.

I have no reason to believe,
that my daughter will not return,
to live many more years with us all.
However it has made me sit up,
and take note.
This tall, beautiful, confident girl before me,
is no longer my little girl,
regardless of how much I close my eyes,
block my ears and pretend.

When I leave her to the airport next week,
I will do so smiling happily,
a proud mum to this grown up girl.
But as she leaves and goes out of sight.
I cannot promise not to cry.

So look out America,
here they come.small__6798711830
So many daughters and sons.
We trust you to look after them,
and send them home to us safely.

Oh, and if she is waitressing any where near you,
please tip her well,
so that we wont have to!

photo credit: ihave3kids via photopin cc
photo credit: katybird via photopin cc


26 thoughts on “Look out America, here they come!

  1. I was torn up when my son left home to go live up the street! I can’t imagine… It sounds as though you’re handling it well so far. Continue to be brave! πŸ™‚

  2. I was a waitress for a long while back home (in the states) and I made great money. Good luck to your daughter–and to you getting on without her. I wish her the best of times and of tips πŸ™‚

    1. Yes parenting is a real roller coaster. You dream of the day you have time to yourself and when it comes you dream of the days they woke you and you got to hug them tight.

  3. Beautiful post as always… I understand those complicated emotions of pride and longing, joy and sorrow…
    One suggestion, if possible take some quick videos of your daughter while she is in her room, packing and excited! I always wish I had more short videos, because as much as I think I’ll remember, the reality is I forget those everyday details, and wish I had some video that captured them! Enjoy your time with her, and enjoy your time with more space and time for yourself too!

  4. and haven’t you and your man done a grand job of raising your daughter that she has the adventurous spirit and curiosity implied by her wish to see more of the world – coupled with the self-confidence to do so !

    1. Yep get all that, and am proud and glad she is the girl she is but guess what? Waaaah she is leaving! My husband, daughter and other kids all think I’ve lost the plot and are highly amused by me and my tears,

  5. Best of luck to your daughter…its a good experience for her to leave the nest…with technology its easier to stay in touch these days…it will be like she never left…almost

    1. Thanks. Actually reading your post on Thailand yesterday made me really think about what a great time she will have hopefully, like I did.

  6. Perhaps she is coming to my neck of the woods… we have tons of Irish workers for the summer… most living 20 to a house since it is a resort area and rentals are expensive. I am from Cape Cod. If she is near tell her she has a friend!

    1. She was going to go to you but changed her mind and is headed to Myrtle Beach. Yes 20 to a house sounds very Irish! I dread to think. Maybe its a good thing I am so far away.

    1. Thanks. Yes I say to myself “if you love them set them free”. It is a great opportunity and I am delighted for her, you are only young once. I’ll remind you of this in a few years!

  7. While I haven’t been the parent watching my children leave the nest, I have been the daughter in the room with music blaring and clothes everywhere while I packed and got ready for some of my own adventures, and I can I promise you, although she is so ready to leave and she is going to have an amazing time, there will be many moments when she too will miss her room at home and the safety that comes from being in family embraces. I hope she has a marvelous time here in America and that her travels open her heart and mind to all the exciting things the world has to offer and when she returns home, as I know she will from time to time, I hope ya’ll get to relish in the delight of being together again.

    1. Thank you It is so good to get your perspective as opposed to all us moms. And even though I shouldn’t I take a bit of delight in the thought that she might miss us too sometimes! Thanks again much appreciate your comment.

      1. You are very welcome! I was the same way she is right now when I was leaving for college and oh my I had a blast, but I missed my family greatly and learned a greater appreciation for all the little moments in my life that had been spent with them. She will learn to hold you all even closer to her heart and will come back home every chance she gets to enjoy those moments again.

        Not sure how you are planning to communicate together, but even though I called my parents and we talked on Skype, the best part of every other week or so was receiving a hand written letter from my mom on what was going on, or something she had seen or heard that reminded her of me, and sometimes she would write stories of things when I was a baby and toddler. I cherish those letters to this day and saved each and every one of them! So that might be a nice way for you and your daughter to stay connected.

        1. Yes I cant wait to write her a letter. I did a post about letter writing and the fact my children do not know what it is like to receive a letter, so I am so looking forward to changing that. Thanks again another pleasant thought.

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