I enjoy a free drink!

When I look around,
I marvel at the world we live in.
A world I could never have imagined as a child.
Televisions in every room,
hundreds of channels to choose from.
Computers, mobile phones and ipods.

Not in a million years,
could I ever have seen this future.

However as I look around,
there is one thing that fills me with awe.
Every time I see it I shake my head in wonder.
In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined,
that this would be part of an Irish future.
Yet for many it is an essential part of every day.

What is it?

It is the marketing magic,
that has led a whole society,
to buy bottled water!

We Irish were always classed,
as a thirsty nation.
It was said we like to drink.
Looking around I would have to agree.

Everyone is thirsty.

Everywhere I look,
people are carrying water around.
Small, medium or large bottles.
I cannot go for a walk,
without seeing other walkers,
all carrying the obligatory bottle.
I marvel at how fast they must be walking,
in order to build up such a thirst.

This massive thirst,
is particularly evident in younger age groups.
They speak of drinking litres of water every day,
to avoid dehydration,
and to improve skin!
They need to drink it even when they are not exercising.
It would appear conversation alone makes them thirsty!

Sometimes I think back,
and imagine what my grandfather would say,
if I were to take him to the shops,
and ask him would he like me to buy him some water.
He would laugh himself silly.

As far as I am concerned,
I’m with my grandfather.
The idea of going into a shop,
to buy water is still a joke to me.
If I were to replace the commercial brand,
with the locally produced tap flowing product,
I guarantee my kids would not taste any difference.
I have survived this long,
I am positive Irish tap water is safe!

I think the more educated we have become,
the more fearful we are.
We believe germs are lurking everywhere.
That is what we are told,
(by the commercials selling germ busters!)
and now our own water is out to kill us.
You cannot even ask for tap water in some restaurants!

I know many of you will disagree.
You will tell me of all the impurities,
that lurk unseen in my seemingly clear glass of water.
You will tell me the health benefits,small_3149860119
that come with drinking litres of water every day.
You will tell me I am closing my eyes to danger.

However my mind cannot be changed.
I am unable to hand over money,
for something I can get for free at home.
And on that note,
a mad thirst is upon me.
I am off to the tap,
to pour a large glass of local water,
maybe even two.
If I do not post tomorrow,
you can all shake your heads,
and wonder at my stupidity.
But at least you will all know,
that you were right and I was wrong!

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via photopin cc


19 thoughts on “I enjoy a free drink!

      1. Sometimes they “forget” – everything else arrives, but the free tap water doesn’t appear. This is soooo annoying, though perfectly understandable from a commercial point of view.

        1. I was in an indian restaurant with a friend one night and that happened. He is not too good with hot and spicy, by the time the water arrived he was very merry as he had been knocking back the wine!

  1. I always drink the tap water, even at the gym. I also argue with my friends and family frequently, regarding the plastic bottles that are using, helping to destroy our planet. Plus, the bottled water companies don’t have near as many guidelines to follow as our city water plants. So in my opinion, tap water is safer:).

  2. I Googled beer tap and ended up here…pity.

    It used to be considered in bad taste or very cheap to order water in a restaurant with a meal, but nowadays everyone does it. I enjoy ordering things to drink that I can’t really get so easily at home, like a strawberry daiquiri.

    1. Ha ha brilliant!
      The Irish for water is uisce and the irish for whiskey is uisce beatha which means water of life! Maybe you could order that type of water in a restaurant? How is it my post about water becomes a post about alcohol once you comment. I am so glad we live oceans apart as I do not think we would be a good influence on each other.

  3. I don’t buy water. It’s Tightass Tuesday every day here. I don’t drink tap water eitger. Here in South Oz, we have very hard and highly chlorinated water. You can actually smell the chlorine when you run the tap. We have a tap filter which gets rid of all the nasties. So some may see me walking with my bottled water but it’s filtered water in disguise.

    1. I hardly drink any water at all! Mind you it is May and our country still has not felt any summer, so that probably has a bearing!

  4. I’m with you. The idea of buying bottled water is ludicrous – or it was until I realized that our tap water is recycled sewer water! We don’t have a well, so we get what the city pipes to our homes. I don’t care *what* they did to that water, I can’t get over the image of drinking out of my toilet! 🙂

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