Daily Prompt, Share The Love

Tell us about another blogger
who has influenced your own online journey.

I never do the daily prompt,
but as this was yesterdays prompt,
I suppose I have not changed my habits!

I am a blogger of just two months.
At my age being young at anything is a bonus.
Despite my tender years (blogging),
I have already taken quite a fancy to a number of bloggers.
Donofaltrades, Grandma says and Ladyornot I regularly enjoy.

I am cautious in life about giving too much of myself,small__4980042533
but to Duncanr at The Mad Hatters,
I have given my heart.

I cannot tell you why this has happened.
No it is not a secret!
It is just that from my very early days,
Duncanr was there.
He commented regularly,
and “liked” my posts.
When I was writing for no one,
or so I thought,
I knew at least he would be reading.

He taught me that this is a community,
and has shared some of his past with me.
He has put up posts just for me!

I have just read his latest post,
and I am shocked.
He is dying…..

Sad to say duncanr over at Mad Hatters has MAN FLU!
Thank God it is an affliction,
that no woman can catch.

So Duncanr, its payback.
This is my post to you.
Hope you feel better soon.
And thank you for all the times you were there for me!

photo credit: byronv2 via photopin cc

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