More Than Words Can Say!

Throughout my life I have loved to read.
The first book that really took my breath away,
was “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”.
I can remember going into my brothers room when I had finished it,
and saying “I can’t believe that adventure happened in just a minute in time!”.
I was hooked.

However when I was fifteen,
I went away from home for a month.small__3230949637
I traveled to a very wealthy holiday resort,
and minded four children for a family I knew.
Whilst I was there, I received a letter.
It was from my Dad,
with the instructions,
“Not to be opened until the night before you come home”.

I was intrigued, and very impatient.
There were days when I felt so far away,
and greatly missed the noise and arguments of my own family.
I would look at that envelope,
and wish I could open it.
It might allow me to travel home for a moment,
and ease some of my loneliness.
But I resisted.

Finally the last night came.
I could barely contain myself,
waiting for everyone to be tucked in for the night.
I sat on my bed and shaking,
I took out my well worn envelope,
and carefully opened it.

Inside it, was one page,
on which a poem was written.
Just as “The lion the witch and the wardrobe”,
had surprised me all those years before,
and sown the seed for my love of books.
This poem awoke in me,
a hunger for poetry I did not know I had.
It was the first time I understood,
a poem says so much more than words can say.

Directions for your Homecoming.

Come quietly, softly up the path,
The wind will know you as you pass.
The little flowers that star the grass,small__8451798636
will lift their sleepy heads again.

The shy, the furred, the feathered things,
these will not scurry from your feet,
there’ll be no rush of startled wings,
for gentle are you, ever sweet.

Then quietly, softly ah, once more,
your foot upon the path.
A part of me asleep will wake,
your hand upon the door.

I cannot credit the author as my dad is no longer around,
and the internet does not recognize it.

As I read this poem today,
I do so as a parent,
waiting for my child to return from college.

However sometimes I like to read it,
just as I first did,
as a poem from my dad to me!

photo credit: sludgegulper via photopin cc
photo credit: Alison Christine via photopin cc

27 thoughts on “More Than Words Can Say!

  1. Perhaps you can add to the poem and pass it on to your child.

    Maybe add a verse like this:

    My college Irish child, I love ye dear
    I sit here smelling your old duvet
    Momma aims to please you know
    I’ve stocked the cubbard full o’ beer.

    You’re welcome!

    1. Have you a secret poetry blog on another site!! That is beautiful. So well written, and the sentiment is so sweet. I bet you can imagine how much my daughter would appreciate it!

      1. Lol. Well, I just pulled it out of my rear and I assume college kids still love beer. I figure one day you’re going to want to punch me in the face for commenting on your beautiful posts with such nonsense, but until then, I shall continue to share myself!!

        1. Humor is my first love, no matter what I write. I love your off the wall comments, you definitely get my humor and I do yours.

    1. Thank you. And thanks for all your visits. I still have the letter. I took it out today, it could be on your site. It’s all yellow and cracked and ancient looking.!

    1. Anything we write from the heart seems to shine through. That is what blogging so far has taught me. I still cant believe I didn’t open the letter until the final night. That is definitely against my nature! Thanks again for reading.

      1. Today, March 21, happens to be the World Poetry Day…couldn’t have picked a perfect day than today to deliver such a good poem. You are right. Anything that we do with the heart and passion always shines through. Thanks.

      1. yes its very like some of those older songs. Like the “green glens of Antrim”. Bygone days… Ah thats what poetry does to me. Will have to rush these kids off to school and watch some of your crazy videos to get me out of this mood! I always look forward to your posts.

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    Dear 1tric,

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    1. Aw thanks a mil. And as I say I already had this ready for you so I will still nominate you as i’d like to share your site with others! Thank you so much.

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