Testing Love (3)!

In case you have just arrived blindly to this post,
I am updating bloggers on my health and well being,
since informing my husband,
that the car had an “accident”.

The afternoon was not pleasant.
I checked quite regularly
but the car remained just as damaged every time I looked.

I tried to trivialize it with my children,
“Its not too bad, what do you think?”.
This was met with great laughter.
“Have you seen it mom, the passenger door wont open!”.


I began to think about the best way of breaking the news.
Maybe just own up.
“Hi darling, had a bit of an incident with the car today!”.
This just never appealed to me.

Not be at home when he arrives?
I liked this idea.
Would I leave the car or take it with me?

Or maybe stay at home but park the car very close to the wall.

However my favorite recurring plan,
was to say nothing, and blame those poxy shoppers in the supermarket!

Eventually I thought,
this is ridiculous.
It was an accident.
I am a grown woman.
We are equal partners.

So I sent him a text!

Time has passed.
He arrived home and wiped, prodded and stared at the car.
I’m sure he’s had a little moment,
there definitely seems to be less tissues in the box!

However whatever his true feelings,
It looks like I’m off the hook.
I’m not sure he forgives me,
but I think he still loves me!

photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/helga/4129740975/”>Helga Weber</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/”>cc</a&gt;

9 thoughts on “Testing Love (3)!

  1. man.. I know that feeling of you’ve done something wrong but it was a total accident and you’ve got to tell the hubs. lol.. I hope everything works out with the car and that he forgave you! 🙂

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