So, how are you all doing?

What a difference a few weeks make? We are truly living through history. It’s hard to believe that this virus has effectively brought to a halt much of the world.

Here in Ireland we are not too many weeks into it. We watched in dismay as it took hold in China and Italy and for the most part we seem to have learned many lessons, with the shock announcement last week that all schools and colleges were to close immediately and a couple of days later all pubs. Never before and hopefully, never again, will we see such measures taken. We are a small country of just under 5 million people and in the past week over 140,000 have lost their jobs with more to follow, yet people are not complaining… yet anyway, as the government have introduced payment benefits for those affected, a reduction of income for everyone, but better than nothing. Banks have also put a hold on mortgages and loan repayments for three months.

Currently our numbers affected are low, at 541, but it was shocking to hear that there might be as many as 15,000 by the end of the month, although it is important to note that everyone presenting with symptoms is being tested in this country, so numbers may eventually seem high but will be accurate.

While there is much to be upset and anxious over about this virus and it’s effects on our everyday life, it seems to have brought out the best in us. With such a rise in numbers expected, a call was put out to those who have retired and others who might be in a position to help to please come forward, which resulted in 24,000 signing up in one day. Supermarkets have designated special hours every day for the elderly and at risk to shop. Villages and sports clubs are doing shopping and checking in on those who are vulnerable and as we walk, socially distant from one another, there are smiles and hellos as we pass.

Here, in my own home it has meant that all my family have returned home, two because they are student’s, one because she is a teacher and one because he has been asked to work from home. Yer man is on reduced hours and I’m trying to get my head around all the changes and continue to write my book. We are not going out, except to shop or go for a walk. My ‘kids’ have rediscovered the WII and are playing board games, which is almost as dangerous as the virus. I have discovered I am too competitive to enjoy either, especially since, despite my best efforts, I have not been on winning form!

I hope you and your families stay safe in the months ahead. I’m sure some of us will be hugely tested, but fingers crossed we will all get through and return to our normal lives once more.

13 thoughts on “So, how are you all doing?

  1. And you all keep safe, Tric….these are very testing times. As I am one of the vulnerable, I am self isolating, so thank goodness for FaceTime, Zoom etc so I can have video conversations, and thanks for all my blog buddies. I might stay sane!

  2. tric, like you, life has changed quickly and dramatically here. while there have been many major adjustments, i have seen over and over, the kindness and compassion of people, each and every day. i’ll be teaching from home (officially on spring break now), and had 1/2 to get up and running for the rest of the school year if need be. the main thing is to keep in touch with our class, not how much work they do, especially because they are so young, and i think it will give families an opportunity to reconnect. (and hopefully not get on each others’ nerves too often). so funny, that you just posted that you were redundant as a mom, be careful what you say……). do the best you can, keep on keeping on and may you all be well and with your book a bit closer to publishing. (and all of the family intact !)

    1. Yes, I think kindness is there the world over. Nothing can kill that. Take care yourself and hopefully we and our family and friends will all come out the other side.

  3. Stay safe and relax with your unexpected bonus mom time with your babies. It doesn’t matter how old they are they are still your babies. I am still working at this time. Currently we don’t have any cases in the county that I work in nor the county that I live in. The libraries are closed to the public, but we are offering curbside services and staff is to still report until further notice. My babies are in Florida and Arkansas with their own growing families, so we still have the empty nest going on. Currently both son’s are still working but as you know things are fluid and can change in a moments notice. I truly hope that this passes quickly and life goes back to normal, but who knows, maybe once this is over the new normal will be something that we strive to keep. What can beat spending much needed bonding time with family? Best wishes dear friend.

    1. I’m so glad to hear your county is virus free. That is so amazing and each day we are learning from the mistakes of others so i hope you will remain well.
      Fingers crossed it ends by Summer and very best wishes to you and all your family.

      1. Unfortunately that virus free didn’t last long. We have several cases now and 7 people have passed away from it. As far as I know I did not know any of them. They are not posting names and such I guess for privacy for the families and to prevent chaos. Sending you the very best and praying for a quick end to this virus madness.

  4. Thank you for the picture you paint here. Scrapping in supermarkets is rife here. Young people snatching shopping out of older peoples trolleys as they leave the supermarket. I am thoroughly ashamed to be British.

    1. Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope that as the message gets home over there of what a danger this is to us all that the cream will come to the top as there are many great people among you.
      Stay safe.

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