I regret the interruption in service… but I’m back.

For fear you think I was run over by a bus or have been dealing with an unspeakable family disaster, I’d like to assure you all is well in my world, although I can hear quite a number of you shaking your heads having not missed my posts for a moment.

Unfortunately, my absence does not mean I’ve been buried in some special room busily writing my book. That too has been neglected over the past few weeks.

The simple truth is, I was asked would I be interested in a part time job for a few weeks which I said yes to. It was a teaching role which I loved, but it involved learning a mountain of information so I could speak as if I was actually an authority on the subject. I’d like to think I succeeded.

Now that that is at an end I have time to put my thoughts on a page once more.

I’ve greatly missed writing, although I must admit the past few weeks have taught me how much I love to teach, regardless of the topic.

During the few short weeks I tried to impress on the students that we never know the difference we can make in someone’s life and it’s not always by some amazing feat of kindness or courage.

With that in mind I would like to say to the lovely lady who suggested I take the chance, jump out of my comfort zone and accept the teaching role, a huge ‘Thank you,’ for you too have no idea the difference you made in my life, albeit for such a short time.

Hopefully from tomorrow, normal service on My Thoughts On A Page will be resumed.

Good to be back.


18 thoughts on “I regret the interruption in service… but I’m back.

  1. Time so to unscrew the cap listen for the breathing take down the wine glass (the big red wine glass) fill and raise high, any excuse for a session Tric.

  2. It’s great that you stepped out of your comfort zone. Hopefully, you’ll have the chance to teach again, since you loved it so much. Good to see you back, too, Tric!

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