What have I missed?

I’m back and have dusted the cobwebs off my blog. It feels like ages and no time at all since I last posted. As I alluded to at the time life happened, as it does just when we think we’ve everything sorted, and I needed a bit of space and time to lick wounds and get my head around a few changes.

So here I am.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch up with many of you over the next few days.

While I was away as well as feeling sorry for myself I finished my six week memoir course. It was full on but I really enjoyed it. The final assignment was to figure out what memoir market would best suit my writing and why?

I’ve always known I’ve led a rather varied, interesting life, (most of it by the time I was twenty-five) but couldn’t imagine writing about it without upsetting family. However, the assignments I completed showed me it is possible and not only that but it looks like it could be something I’d enjoy.

I am toying with writing my story as a series of short stories (very short) which would link together to give an account of various times in my life, from childhood, to abuse, my fathers battle with motor neurone disease, life in the spotlight after my abuse hit the headlines and finally life as a mother, a wife and survivor.

I’ll post one of the pieces I wrote over the weekend and you can share your critiques with me!

I’ve known for a long time that I’m my own worst enemy. I need to stop writing stories only I read and actively get my work and eventually my name out there.

2018 is calling…hopefully it’s for me.

Ah it’s great to be back. I’ve really missed you.

photo credit: sniggie Morning dew meets sticky cobweb via photopin (license)

30 thoughts on “What have I missed?

  1. Welcome back, Tric! I second your idea that you MUST get yourself and your writing out there. I was talking about you and your blog just today with my daughter. Lovely to have it back!

  2. The cloud of dust from opening your post has settled Tric and its good to see you back with us….I do hope you are able get your writing out there as I imagine its part of your ‘healing’ process? I like that idea of presenting your stories in short snippets….good luck with everything.

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