Anyone interested?

Have you ever wished you had said something to someone but missed your opportunity? Have you been hurt or wronged and told no one? Perhaps you owe someone a thank you but never got the chance to tell them? Maybe you have a secret you never shared but would like to let it out?

A few years ago I ran a series of posts called ‘A series of Letter’s In it I shared letters sent to me from readers. Some of those werephoto credit: donovanbeeson via photopin cc letters of love from parents to children, or partners, but many were anonymous. They were letters saying things they’d never said but wished they had, letters sharing heartbreak and pain or untold secrets and they were letters of love, happiness and enduring friendship.

I’ve never forgotten those letters and the stories behind them. Recently I’ve been asked by a couple of bloggers if I am still doing them. While I’ve not posted one in a while I’d be happy to begin again. I know since then I have many new readers some of you who might have such a letter within you.

So if you would like to participate or know of anyone, blogger or not, who would like to, please spread the word. I am happy to give full credit if you wish or to keep your letter totally anonymous. If you wish to check out the letters already published just read them here.

While many wrote difficult letters, all sent messages to me afterwards saying they found it a helpful, cathartic and healing experience.

My own letter was not difficult to write but very difficult to share. I’ll not repost it but, here it is if you wish to read it.

To the one who stole my childhood.

Contact me by using the ‘contact me’ on my blog or just email me here. I’d love to hear from you.

photo credit: donovanbeeson via photopin cc

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

10 thoughts on “Anyone interested?

    1. It really surprised me Beth. I loved it too. I’m not sure I’ll get the same response but maybe some will write and get something from it.

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea Tric. I will give it some thought as writing the letter I need to write is painful and I’m not sure I can tell it but I should…..on my blog I’ve written about some aspects of my past but not a letter as such…

    1. It’s probably easier to write the letter than post it. If you do decide, now or in the future to write it I’ll post it anytime. It’s certainly not something to jump into.

  2. There are not enough opportunities for people to share in complete anonymity. I’d like to share this post in a few places if I may?

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