What is stopping you?

If I were to ask you a question can you give an honest answer?

Do you give blood? If not why not?

Before you get all shouty and announce you can’t for some medical or social reason it is not you I am asking, it is everyone else…

The facts speak for themselves, in Ireland only 3% of the population give blood!

Why do I care so much? Because I saw first hand how enormous a gift a unit of blood can be.

My friends young son was seriously ill following a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. As his family were being told that there would be no further treatment and Daniel would be allowed home for good, strangers we will never know left their everyday lives, their work, their children, their college and made the time to give blood.

They will never know their blood would be given to Daniel.

They will never know their donation meant Daniel would get his final wish… to go home.

They will never know their donation would mean he got to lie in his own bed, surrounded by his family and friends, many who had not seen him for months.

They will never know their donation gave him an extra three days of life, three days the memory of which his family treasure.

But now you do know. So I am asking you, if you are not giving blood because, like me once upon a time you have never made the time, please think again, because your time literally saves lives.

You will never know what your donation will mean, but those who receive it will.

Please at least think about it. Give Blood. Make time to give time.

photo credit: ToGa Wanderings Question everything via photopin (license)

11 thoughts on “What is stopping you?

  1. I have a medical condition and can’t give blood. I wish I could since I’ve got a fairly rare type AB negative. Before I got sick I gave blood pretty often. It’s something that I hope more people will do in the future. It’s the easiest, most life-giving thing to do. 🙂

    1. Yes it’s a real feelgood feeling after you’ve donated. Thank you for giving blood when you could. Who knows what difference you have made to a life.

  2. I used to donate all the time….and then i developed this irrational fear of needles.
    This kinda puts how irrational and stupid that fear is. Thank you, Tric.

    1. It’s not the most relaxing of things to do cookie so I know what you mean. Whenever I think about the needle I remember the pain Daniel had to put up with and he was only 13. Makes me think a lot less of the needle, but I knew him so it does make a difference.
      It’s not for everyone, and a fear of needles is no easy thing to overcome. But you did give birth twice so you are brave! 🙂

  3. I’ve a fear of needle but got over it and donated in Cambodia when on holiday. The following year I was pregnant and received a transfusion in recovery after the birth which means they won’t take my blood any more. I get very annoyed about it as the reason I can’t donate is that the blood they gave me might have affected my blood which is a headwreck. I’ll try convince people to donate in my place!

    1. When I see how careful they are now it makes you wonder how they got it all so wrong. I remember I was nursing at the time the whole scandal was evolving and patients were really scared getting a transfusion.
      I love that you try to convince others. I’m very brave on my blog but never ask any of my friends to give it. I tell them I went but never ask them to come with me.

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