Nollaig na mBan, one of my favourite Irish traditions.

It’s January 5th. People all over Ireland are slowly coming to terms with the fact that another Christmas is over. Bank balances are looking as unhealthy as we are after the excesses of the season…and it’s the winter.

So why am I skipping around the house when no one is looking, smiling and singing?

Because tomorrow is January 6th, Women’s little Christmas. “What is that?” I hear you ask. Traditionally it’s the day the decorations are taken down and women are looked after by the men of the house by day, after which the women of Cork (and a few other counties in Ireland)  go out in droves to bars, womens-christmas-390x285-1restaurants and shows, to truly celebrate the end of Christmas.

I’d never heard of such a day until I moved to Cork twenty six years ago. Not wishing to upset the natives I decided I’d better embrace it too and have done so yearly since. Tomorrow will be no exception. So come lunchtime,  in the name of tradition, six of us will pile into two cars and make our way to West Cork for the night. There we will spend time enjoying this special occasion, just as generations have done for many years.

So, Happy Nollaig Na mBan to women everywhere. Don’t worry if you can’t participate I’ll have a drink or two for all of you and maybe even one for the missing men also!




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26 thoughts on “Nollaig na mBan, one of my favourite Irish traditions.

    1. Pesky Kids! Thankfully mine are at the age where I can say, ‘I’m off.’
      Unfortunately, today I return, the day after the night before and I can say with hand on heart, ‘I am off, decidedly off!’

  1. Had a little piece written to share until reading your article – mine paled away so I am re-blogging your in its stead. Have a great night celebrating I’ll raise a glass or two later once the dishes are washed and the fire is stoked.

  2. I think you posted about this last year, Tric, and I enjoyed the idea so much, I remember it. Christmas comes with a certain amount of frantic stress and it is definitely worth a celebration when it’s done. I hope you enjoyed your Nollaig na mBan 🙂

    1. Unfortunately I may have enjoyed Nollaig na mBan a little too much but I felt duty bound! Yes I did indeed write about this before, hopefully it will slowly gather favour and who knows may spread around the world.

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