There I am in the paper #11

photo credit: Hangover, hangover, hangover... via photopin (license)Just as well Christmas only comes once a year for I am exhausted. Sitting here today, breathing in that unique scent of Christmas tree and cinnamon candles, I am relishing the relaxation. This is my favourite part of Christmas, where it is perfectly acceptable to sit down at 11 am to watch an old movie on television, still wearing pyjamas and slyly eating sweets.

Despite living a rather hectic life I believe I was born to be a kept woman. Others may insist they would be bored, but each Christmas, as I rarely bother to dress and enjoy eating two-day old dinner, I am more convinced than ever that this is the life for me.
However, not every day can be quite so perfect. Yesterday, as my Christmas dinner leftovers were well past ‘safe to eat’, I was forced to dress in order to brave the shops for necessities such as bread, milk and alcohol. Without a thought for my own personal safety I entered the supermarket, only to be swept away in a sea of trolleys. Panic struck, by the speed of shoppers and the amount of goods in their trolleys, I became convinced if I didn’t quickly grab all I could, I’d never again get the chance. Arriving home rather frazzled I had no words to explain, as my family gazed upon my mountain of groceries. But at least we were ready for the New year… and a nuclear explosion!

Myself and himself were never huge New Year’s Eve fans. When our children were small we were happy to keep them in the dark about staying up until midnight. But children have an awful habit of growing up and as they did, they heard friends speak of staying up until the middle of the night and seeing fireworks. As my children were all born with genes which programmed them to wake at the dawn regardless of bedtime, I was not too inclined to begin the New year on a bad note so I ignored their demands.

It was then, one New Year’s Eve, that I discovered I’d married a genius. He had a plan. Each New Year’s Eve we would make our children as excited as possible about staying up until the middle of the night. We tut tutted and sympathised with them when they spoke of friends who had to go to bed early. Being the amazing parents we obviously were, we even laid out a New Year’s Eve party, featuring all food and drink known to rot teeth and then we waited patiently with them for the midnight hour.
What our children didn’t know, is that earlier in the day, himself had put forward the clocks three hours. As time ticked by they were convinced it was nearly midnight and bang on twelve, or nine o clock in real time, amidst great excitement, we cheered and sang in the New Year. Unfortunately, they were always disappointed there were no fireworks, but that didn’t stop us going outside to check for them, just in case.
In recent years we have no need to forward clocks and our brood have moved on to enjoy seeing in the New Year among their own friends. Never ones to miss an excuse for a party we have been very lucky to be on the invite list to a friend’s house, where we see in the New Year in style.

Returning home in the early hours we are always in the best of spirits and more than ready, to confront head on, whatever challenges may lie ahead in the New Year.
Unfortunately, the first of those New year challenges usually begins the following morning and does indeed involve my head…and the banging within it.
First New Year’s resolution…do not mix my drinks!

photo credit: Hangover, hangover, hangover… via photopin (license)

26 thoughts on “There I am in the paper #11

  1. Happy New Year Tric! And Himself!!!!

    WHERE were you when I was growing up with my kids????? (Okay, truthfully, we always had fun staying up with them and their cousins.)

    1. Yes the youngest one made it to the real 12 midnight a lot younger than the older ones!
      Have a great 2017 Colleen, I’ve really enjoyed your company this past year.

      1. Thank you Tric. I came SO close to being able to tell you I would see you in Ireland this year. I had two invites to go! But just can’t get there this year. 😦 But if that changes…..we can enjoy each others company over a real cuppa!!!

        1. I have every hope that one day you and I will meet here in Ireland. What a craic we’d have. We just need to be patient. I just posted a post and featured a photo of Beth and I when she came this year. Someday …

        2. I know, I saw it again. I love that picture. You being all brave letting yourself have a picture taken. And Beth standing right there in Ireland. I have that same hope Tric. My niece is dancing in the worlds in April. There’s always that slim chance we could go when she goes back. But we have a Disney trip in February, so I’m not sure. We were there for her first Worlds we wanted to be there for her last. She’s an amazing dancer. 🙂

  2. LOL – As long as you aren’t attending as a guest – no reason you can’t start ringing in the year at 2pm – eat your fun foods from 4-8pm, take your aspirin, vitamin Bs and go to bed by 9pm – What’s good for the kiddos usually works for you, too – – LOL Happy New Year!

  3. Happy 2017 Tric – I swear we are sisters in another life….same here – I like it quiet and I’ve been off work the past week and found myself still in my pjs at 4 in the afternoon most days! You need money to be a kept woman – still looking for that gold at the end of the rainbow…

    1. Thanks I hope you’ve a good one too, who knows maybe this is the year we follow that leprechaun to the end of the rainbow… Fancing sharing the pot?

  4. Happy New Year to you and all the family! Genius of a hubby you have there for sure. Thanks for all the smiles in 2016 and I look forward to all you have to say to us in 2017! Mind your head. 🍾🍾

    1. Thanks so much. Thankfully the head was not too bad this year, I must be getting better at this New year malarkey.
      How’s your leg? You fully recovered?

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